A Tiny Baby s Big Impact Part 1

July 7, 2021 By Nancy Walker

Our little package of joy is sort of three months vintage now and we were deep inside the trenches of survival mode.whilst in survival mode, sleep-deprived, still self-setting apart, and all you need is your kiddo to fall asleep, worrying about the waste constituted of this new human lamentably gets kinda pushed to the side.I […]

My top 5 Zero Waste Knitting Swaps

June 27, 2021 By Nancy Walker

here’s a list of a few of my favourite styles i exploit in my domestic. I also have slight obsession with constructing Pinterest forums as a whole lot of us do. happy knitting.Knit Swiffer pad:this is a terrific first rate zero waste swap. you may ditch the plastic coated Swiffer pads and switch to a […]

Welcome to KG Eco Solutions

June 26, 2021 By Nancy Walker

approximately UsOur goal is to provide excessive best products, while helping our lovely Earth every step of the manner.Our activity starts with you: expertise what you need, so we can provide you options that make sense.merchandiseWe provide a hundred% herbal merchandise and shortly to add greater biodegradable options.We do our quality to provide the highest […]

10 Best Eco Friendly Gifts for Women

June 26, 2021 By Nancy Walker

women may be occasionally choosy on the subject of items. however One issue is for positive, they will like it simply because it is a gift out of your coronary heart. So, here’s a listing of the maximum splendid present ideas for ladies.1. A bright and bold set of reusable “unpaper towels” to assist them ditch their paper […]

20 of the Best Eco Friendly Products on Amazon

May 21, 2021 By Nancy Walker

satisfied Wednesday, pals! A a laugh little subject matter mix-up for today’s post, one you’ll mainly love if you’ve been seeking out some properly, easy, swaps that don’t break the bank! at the same time as i will admit i am some distance from residing the maximum lifestyle possible, I’m usually looking to do higher! […]

Plastic Free Green Tea

May 10, 2021 By Nancy Walker

I really like green tea and probably couldn’t stay without it! I’ve had at the least one cup a day for well over a decade now. As I reduce again on plastic increasingly more i found that maximum tea bags cannot be composted so I’ve had to study different options and constantly take a look […]