Hanging with the Hankens

July 27, 2021 By Nancy Walker

I spent two days ultimate week at Kelli’s.  I had Monday the fifth off and ended up taking Thursday off too.  She become scheduled to go returned to paintings after maternity leave on Friday but we hadn’t done all we had was hoping to get performed over her leave so we squeezed

days and ran out butts off the entire time. On Monday Grandma Renee took the youngsters and virtually got plenty accomplished.  On Thursday we saved the youngsters.  We nevertheless did extraordinary as the boys are such accurate babies.  here is Emmett.…and right here is Eli. Can you trust how big they have gotten.  right here they
may be together…Kelli stated the 2 of them are doing exceptional overnight.  they will sleep 10 hours now.  She is so blessed.one of our desires changed into to clean out the spare bedroom and make it into the lads’ room.  The room become filled with hand-me-down garments…baggage and bags.  Kelli has terrific pals in her life and many have given her garments that their youngsters outgrew.  Kelli made the mistake of no longer sorting them as they got here in so the job become overwhelming.  We ended up arising with a plan and now, the spare bed room is the men’ room and the closets are even easy. Right here is Georgie’s closet.  Being she has such a huge closet, she has
here is Georgie’s closet.  Being she has such a huge closet, she has to residence the vacation décor too.  Thus far, she doesn’t thoughts or maybe observe. We got through Kelli’s room and her closet too.  We were each happy with our progress. Thus far, we’ve got nearly been via the complete house deep cleansing in a manner that every single thing has been touched.  every single factor has a place. However we nonetheless need to do the bathroom, end the laundry room and address her stitching room. I plan to take a day without work at the cease of the month and spot if i can help her do this too.  I’d like to get out to the storage and see what we can do there too however if we finish the primary matters I mentioned that must have her in true shape. Even as we had been cleansing Kelli came throughout this…The Language of the vegetation by using Rosewood Manor.  It’s a go-stitch project that each people without a doubt love. Kelli turned into a touch sad as being the mother to three kids 2 under leaves a gal with little or no crafting, stitching, or sewing time.  I can’t inform you what number of initiatives that Kelli had hoped to do have been packed away as we were cleansing. Then Kelli got here up with an concept.  She said that the

the piece has 26 alphabet letters and 26 plant life. Someone ought to sew a letter one week and stitch the corresponding flower the subsequent week.  If a person did that over the route of a year, they might have the piece completed on the end of the 12 months.  Kelli and i are thinking about doing its’s I examine
on the end of the 12 months. Kelli and i are thinking about doing it .As I examine it closer, there are some greater flora however I still suppose that might paintings.  Hmm.  I’ll need to consider that some more.  it’s miles sincerely tempting though.  some other bonus approximately the task, border.  that is attractive!  Borders continually supply me a piece of a headache. Kelli works the weekend package overnights so Jason, her husband, is on obligation for the 12-hour shift whilst Kelli is long gone.  Jason is a great guy and I’m sure he can cope with it.  I do need to snicker Friday on bubble hanging chair, her manner to work, Jason called her and requested wherein the car seats were.  He had gotten a name most effective minutes into his first shift with the kids that the livestock had been out at their other farm and Jason had to get there and help get them in.  That supposed getting the lads in vehicle seats and Georgie in her automobile seat
in.  That supposed getting the lads in vehicle seats and Georgie in her automobile seat so he may want to get there and help put the farm animals in.  The kids would have to take a seat in their seats even as they waited for his or her Dad.  It’s the existence of farm children and they may be all mastering it children and they may be all mastering it early. It’s the various equal classes our youngsters discovered.  I’m so glad that they’re growing up on a farm…I hope the paintings I did helping makes the transition back to paintings a bit simpler on their own family.  It’s difficult mainly while we stay in a current world where mothers can’t simply live domestic and be the mom complete time.  It’s what Kelli so needs she ought to do. Like this:Like Loading…associated Saturday with the Kramers December 15, 2020With 14 comments Hanging with Kelli April 8, 2019With 6 comments What per week!!March 26, 2021With 16 commentsFacebookTwitterShare