Fatigue is treated with food

chronic fatigue syndrome, and apathy has seven simple reasons.They found American scientists from the University of South Carolina, have indicated that poor health contributes to the very image of modern life cheloveka.Sindrom chronic fatigue and apathy has seven simple reasons.They found American scientists from the University of South Carolina, have indicated that poor health contributes to the very image of modern life.

no secret that the most important condition for the normal functioning of the brain and the whole body is, of course, a good, restful sleep.Researchers from the United States agree with the general opinion and believe that regular lack of time spent in the arms of Morpheus leads to the decadent moods and chronic apathy.If in the past century, average people spend on a dream no less than eight hours a day, but now people are sleeping approximately six and a half hours.This is due primarily to the fact that in the modern world people have more things that need to perform in the shortes

t possible period of time.Rush jobs and stresses in this regard lead to insomnia, and this is another form of sleep disorder.As a consequence, people not getting enough sleep at night yet because of the fact that just can not sleep.

Scientists have also shown that accumulated within a few days sleep deprivation can not be compensated for once, even if you sleep the whole weekend long.The fact that the lack of sleep the body can compensate for the next day.But if he does not receive this compensation, after a while it becomes tired and irritable, and his performance is reduced.The researchers even argue that it leads to obesity.

second reason Chronic Fatigue scientists call malnutrition.They claim that the lovers sit on a diet to get closer to the generally accepted standards of beauty, very often suffer from such a disease.Such dedicated people can be divided into three types.Some people do lose weight by adhering to diet, but they are a minority.Others throw this venture, because they do not achieve the desired results from experiments with his own body.Still others, the most restless, each time in vain trying to find more and more ways to lose weight.That they are at risk, as always feel a sense of guilt and dissatisfaction with himself and life, they want to punish themselves for it by making restrictions more stringent food.As a consequence, their body receives less than required for normal functioning of nutrients.

Chronic disease may also undermine the human nervous system and are, according to scientists, the third leading cause fatigue syndrome, and apathy.They insist on the fact that between patients with depression, post traumatic syndrome and chronic pain have many similarities.In these patients, there is muscle weakness, decreased appetite and libido, sleep disturbances and decreased concentration.They feel exhausted and drained, resulting in reduced quality of life.

At risk American scientists also brought fans coffee and energy drinks.Instead of the expected vigor may occur quite the opposite effect.When we systematically use these drinks, there is addictive, the body needs all the high dose, and it is impossible to constantly increase.In addition, caffeinated beverages increase dehydration, so nutritionists advise those who abuse coffee, drinking water for at least eight glasses a day.

And, of course, the researchers could not remember that fatigue leads to an increased lack of oxygen and a sedentary lifestyle, such as, for example, the office workers.Physical activity not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but also helps to cope with depression, and also affects the life span.This conclusion came after scientists experiment that they conducted from 2600 older people.For the subjects were followed for 12 years and found that Physical activity affects life expectancy more than the presence of a normal body mass index.