The Russians killed on the tracks and in the mountains

Russians killed on the tracks and in the mountains of Russians killed on the tracks and in the mountains

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During this summer 1331 a tourist was killed in the world, with 117 (9%) of them - the Russians.Suffered while traveling 26,112 people, of which 291 of our compatriots, according to the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT).

RTS also announced the list of 23 countries where our tourists an accident occurs.Interestingly, in this ranking the first place is Russia.It is at local resorts often suffer from our compatriots.In May - June, the 53 incident involving tourists in our country.They killed 78 and injured 171 people.

The second place is occupied by Ukraine with 33 accidents, which killed 17 and 47 people were injured.On the third line was Turkey's happened eight incidents, three people were killed and 26 injured.And closes the top four, no doub

t, Egypt.There have been four accidents, one tourist was killed and five injured.

More often Russians killed in an accident.For four months counted 65 incidents that killed 93 of our compatriots.Tourists mainly come under the wheels of the train, falling from the mountain during the ascent, accidents can happen on trips.Very often travelers are brought to the hospital on the "first" of the poisoning, heart attacks also occur when a person swims in the pool or the sea, hence the very large number of drowning.

For example, in the Perm Territory during rafting on the river Vilva eight people drowned.In Greece, a man inspecting the Acropolis, stumbled, fell and hit his head so hard that did not live up to the arrival of "first".

A lot of accidents happen with drinkers.In Kamchatka, drunk tourist has decided to dive into an empty pool hot springs.The consequences of such a maneuver is not difficult to guess.PCT notes and unique case, when at the beginning of August in the airport of Vladivostok when viewed from the liner, workers found a niche in the left landing gear of a young man's body.

Also, tourists are killed in road accidents.During May - August counted 21 such a case.In Ukraine there was an accident involving eight tourists killed four people in them and have suffered 37. In Russia, even though there were five accidents, but they were killed in eight and 59 people were injured.In Turkey killed two and injured 24 people.In just four months in a traffic accident killed 15 Russian tourists injured 147.