The court upheld an extraordinary congress of the Union of Cinematographers and the re-election of Mikhalkov

Presnensky court of Moscow on Tuesday upheld the Extraordinary Congress of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia (TFR), which he was re-elected head of Nikita Mikhalkov.Presnensky court of Moscow on Tuesday upheld the Extraordinary Congress of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia (TFR), which he was re-elected head of Nikita Mikhalkov.

Thus, the court refused to satisfy the claim of director Marlen Hutsieva, as well as other members of the Union of Cinematographers, who asked to recognize the illegitimate Congress of the organization, held in March in Gostiny Dvor.The plaintiffs also requested to declare invalid the decisions taken at the Congress, including the election of Mikhalkov, chairman of the organization.

"statement disallowing", - announced the decision of the judge.She read only the operative part of the decision, so the motives by which the court was guided in its making, as yet unknown, the "Interfax".

- Mikhalkov showed Duma and filmmakers film about the correctness of his re-elect


representatives of the plaintiffs immediately announced that "necessarily appeal against this decision to the infinite" Presnensky Court in Moscow City Court.Just Presnensky court filed three suits - one director stated Marlen Khutsiev, the other - actress Natalia Fateeva and playwright Rustam Ibrahimbekov third filed by ordinary members of the Union.All claims are combined into one.

Director Marlene Hutsiev also said he intends to challenge the decision of the Presnensky court of Moscow."Naturally, we will submit to a higher authority - this is the first, and secondly, we act, what we wings folded, if a person feels his innocence, he must comply with - Hutsiev RIA said" News. "- Ourpeople can be, and is not as well received in the high court, but nevertheless we have a certain position, and we are not going to change it. "

"There was some faint hope, because the situation is a mirror", - said the director, referring to the fact that the earlier illegitimate was recognized as the seventh congress of the RF IC and its solutions, which Hutsiev was elected chairman, and who did not recognize Mikhalkov.According Hutsieva if the seventh Congress declared illegal due to violations, and the extraordinary congress had to admit illegal too.At the same time, in his opinion, at the March forum disorders were more, and intending.

"But then, however, the court made a different decision, although logically, if they had once taken this position to protect the legitimacy and the rule of law, they are obliged to adhere to it", - says Hutsiev."It says only that there is no effect of justice, and acts completely different," - he added.

Recall, TFR Congress in December 2008, the new chairman of the Union instead of Mikhalkov, who held the post since 1997, was elected director Marlene Hutsiev.Later, however, supporters Mikhalkov through the courts have made the cancellation of this decision, recognizing the illegitimate Congress.

Just between the consideration of the case in the courts at two instances - first and cassation - Mikhalkov managed to convene an extraordinary congress of the TFR, where he was re-elected chairman of the Union.

At this congress, Mikhalkov read his famous long report on the raider attempt to seize power in the Union of Cinematographers, "to establish where the liberal-Atlantic dictatorship, foreign ideals and traditions, unusual for our people ...".

Earlier filmmakers blamed Mikhalkov questionable transaction for the sale of shares owned by TFR of the Moscow Cinema Centre at Krasnaya Presnya, when in 2005 the property rights on the part of the area were transferred to the entertainment complex "Harlequin", and as a result of the Cinema Museum was left without suitable for the operation of the premises.