RIA Novosti launches a scientific and educational multimedia project

unique scientific and educational project "Mosaic of Knowledge", aimed at promoting science and scientific knowledge through the multimedia resources of the modern news agency, launched on July 2, RIA Novosti.Unikalny scientific and educational project "Mosaic of Knowledge", aimed at promoting science andscientific knowledge using multimedia resources of the modern news agency, launched on July 2, RIA Novosti reported.

Just over a year ago, Russia's leading multimedia agency created an edition of science and ecology and environmental news Start the tape.The "Mosaic of knowledge", which is in the form of club-lecture is a continuation of the direction of scientific data, demanded subscribers and readers of the website of RIA Novosti.The basic idea of ​​the club - the openness to discuss all the interesting and current topics in society, including in the field of geography, ecology, history, psychology, physics, mathematics.

first regular meeting of the club will be held on 2 July at the press center of

RIA Novosti will be devoted to the theme "Oil".The keynote speaker managing consultant IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) Sergey Vakulenko.The experts will discuss the role of oil and gas geopolitics and economy of the XXI century, the problem of the oil market and the price of it, questions of natural rent and mineral extraction tax.

"We conceived this project as a unifying platform for people of different generations who share the idea of ​​continuous self-education and want to exchange accumulated and redefining knowledge. It will find its place and writing about science journalists and scientists who think the popularization of science it their duty, as well as managers andstudents wishing to gain experience in a public debate with a wide audience in an accessible language ", - said the initiator of the project, the chief editor of RIA Novosti Svetlana Mironyuk.

She noted that traditional methods of dissemination of knowledge will be filled with modern multimedia formats offered by RIA Novosti: video link with the near and far abroad, online conferencing, video on the website of the agency, remote lectures and round tables with the connection of multiple audiences.

As part of the club with open public lectures and presentations on popular scientific topics at the intersection of different fields of knowledge will perform well-known scientists from around the world, leading Russian and foreign popularizers of science, as well as the novice lecturers.By the implementation of the project also will involve partners from universities, research centers, foundations, cultural and scientific associations and organizations.

RIA Novosti is ready to provide its information site interesting formal and informal scientific communities, planning to further develop the project as a "club of clubs".

Subject pilot meeting in early May, as the nominee of the lecturer, was offered a private club of intellectuals "Society" Knowledge "or the OZ, a sort of" home science cafes ", where knowledge sharing going alumni famous Moscow secondary school №57 andfriends. Then, a professor at the school of Economics Andrei Bremzen presented a paper on "The maximum element in the lattice of stable matchings.Who better to be - a man or a woman ".

fragment lecture Andrew Bremse

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" This fall, ourthe scientific community will be five years.The company intends to mottled: physics, mathematics, economists, biologists, computer scientists, linguists, physicians, philosophers, psychologists, chemists.The main problem is how to construct a story so that all understand.For example, read the humanities lecture in mathematics on "Areas and volumes in the Lobachevskii geometry."It was very interesting to move our "non-format" on a public platform.Besides, it is encouraging opportunity to get acquainted with the modern news agency.This is a new stage in the development of our community ", - he said the ideologue and founder of the OZ, consultant on IT, a theoretical physicist by training Andrei Dashevskii

RIA Novosti invites all who inspired the idea of ​​our project, to join the club, participate in a discussion with him.members, meet with professionals from other fields of knowledge Our address is:.. Moscow, Zubovsky Blvd., 4 Input to the meetings of the club - by appointment for more information, please contact project coordinator Tatyana Borisova by phone: (495) 645-6601, ext.76-12

or e-mail t. borisova @ rian. ru.