In North Korea, frozen cash transactions , closed the enterprise of trade and services

North Koreans feel the first effects of government decisions on a grand denomination of the national cur

rency - the Korean won.The DPRK frozen all cash transactions, closed the enterprise of trade and services, is not working public transport.North Koreans feel the first effects of government decisions on a grand denomination of the national currency - the Korean won.The DPRK frozen all cash transactions, closed the enterprise of trade and services, is not working public transport.

According to British newspaper The Times, only a few shops and restaurants, taking foreign currency were opened in the capital of Pyongyang, North Korea this week.They take currency at the official exchange rate, which is more than 10 times higher than those in the "black" market, and serve the citizens of foreign countries, who are forbidden to pay North Korean vonami.However, the services of these institutions of ordinary North Korean citizens can not take advantage.

decision to suspend the circulation of the national currency was adopted by the Government of North Korea after the won hundredfold denomination announced on 30 November.North Koreans will be able to exchange old banknotes for new sample to the sixth of December, after which the old Won will be void.According to unofficial data, writes Times, stores will not work until the end of the exchange of money.

Each family had set the exchange limit of 100 thousand old won, the official exchange rate is about 740 dollars, and the rate of "black" market - about $ 35, says "New Region".

The Times writes that, according to unconfirmed reports, within the maximum amount to be exchanged money has been raised to 150,000 won in cash and 300 thousand won, lying on deposits in state banks, under the condition that will be confirmed the legality of the money.

North Korean authorities have not officially informed of the reasons for the denomination.At the same time, experts believe that in this way the government is trying to reduce inflation and, possibly, to stop the development of small business in the country.

According to JoongAng Daily, people in a hurry trying to buy foreign currency, mainly dollars and yuan, I do.Experts predict that as a result of US dollar exchange rate on the black market may reach 20 thousand won per dollar against 2-3 thousand to denomination.The official US dollar exchange rate is equal to 135 vonam.

Note that a currency reform message or "Rodong Sinmun", or central - it's almost the only - TV or other media did not pass and did not mention it.

According to foreign diplomats accredited in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, and other major cities erupt numerous spontaneous protests against the actions of the authorities.The Army is given on high alert in the event of mass actions of disobedience, wrote on Friday, "Kommersant".

decision on the denominations of the North Korean Won was a complete surprise for the citizens, the newspaper said.All the more so by the authorities at the time of the reform in the DPRK shut down shops where people could spend the old Won.

DPRK authorities did not bother to order to explain to the population what caused the need for reform.Meanwhile, experts believe it can help Pyongyang is trying to get the funds, revolving on the black market, as well as the accumulation of its citizens working abroad.Local observers are linking this to the disastrous state of the national economy and the campaign for its revival in 2012, when North Korea will mark the centenary of the birth of state founder Kim Il Sung.

However, some experts believe that the reform has also a strong social function.In recent years, North Korea is becoming more and more citizens living better than others.It is a bureaucratic elite, as well as citizens, have the opportunity to go abroad.In addition, many North Koreans were able to establish contact with relatives in South Korea and regularly receive remittances from them that allow them to feel completely comfortable in the DPRK.

"This reform - a populist campaign directed against interlayer relatively wealthy people - said" Kommersant "Head of the center of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania Oriental Institute Dmitry Mosyakov -. They are, of course, a little, but they are already causing irritation in the mainBegging the masses. "In any case, experts do not tend to see what's happening in a serious threat to the regime."We northerners are unlikely to have large savings, - said the director of the International Center for Korean Studies of Moscow State University Paul Leshakov -. The statements involved a small number of citizens, the affected reform, besides not using public sympathy."