Compatriots do not listen to Medvedev and Russia will not go

Moscow hosted the third World Congress of Compatriots, which brought together about 500 representatives of Russian communities from 88 countries.At the opening of the Congress was Dmitry Medvedev, urging compatriots to take part in the modernization of Russia.

Meanwhile, already passed three years, came into effect a program of state support of compatriots who want to move to Russia.He proposed a free ride to the new place of residence, lift, benefits, work and housing.However, the country is not faced a wave of immigrants, today in Russia has driven a little over 17 thousand of our citizens of the former instead of the expected 200 thousand, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Newspaper notes that the Russian-speaking citizens of the different countries of the CIS and Baltic countries have many reasons not to seek in Russia and in every country these reasons its.

Latvia Russian have the status of "non-citizens", their discrimination is built into the law, it is the national Legal Code, which, of course, a

pity, but not fatal.According to their social standards, the country is still somewhat closer to the civilized world, than, for example, Turkmenistan, where Russian formally endowed with the same rights as the indigenous population, the newspaper said.

At the same time, as the newspaper notes, in the Turkmen authorities do not allow different approaches along ethnic lines - is equally harsh to all.Russian in Turkmenistan do not complain about their situation because of fear for themselves and their families, according to the newspaper.But at the same time, a new proposal to move to Russia will respond to a few.

The publication describes the situation in Armenia and Georgia, noting that none of the residents of these countries in the Siberian wilderness will not go, not only because of the severity of the climate, but also because of xenophobia.

Even Russian citizens in provincial towns have recently become divided into "local" and "non-native", - the newspaper said.The country is infected with the disease, should not indulge in the illusion that through the open door of her headlong rush all who would like to become a citizen of Russia.

authorities of Kazakhstan, as well as many other states - former Soviet republics that do not encourage the departure of the country's Russian-speaking citizens, suggesting that the decline of the Russian population will create a general discomfort, the newspaper said.