Experts have calculated how much the New Year's holidays " flew " Russia and Russians

Protracted festivals though, and bring serious damage the economy, but do not plunge it into hibernation, as most of the GDP given mining production, which do not break.There are, however, believed that the long festive session in January beneficial exclusively elite who go abroad together, while the masses, resting on mother nature, to do it better in May, says "Kommersant-Dengi".Protracted festivals though, and bring serious damage the economy, but do not plunge it into hibernation, as most of the GDP given mining production, which do not break.There are, however, believed that the long festive session in January beneficial exclusively elite who go abroad together, while the masses, resting on mother nature, to do it better in May, says "Kommersant-Dengi".

As the newspaper reminds, that Russia should not rest long in May, and in January, the State Duma decided in 2004 appointed a vacation from 1 to 5 January and canceled the day on 2 May.Prior to that, in fact, the country had a vacation from 1 to 9

May.But even when the extended New Year holidays, Russia did not record for most holidays.In Russia, 12 public holidays.According to this indicator, the Russian Federation is not much different from the US, where they were 10 or from European countries.At least, Russia is far from champions - Nepal and Cambodia, who have 23 days public holidays a year.

Although the stated amount of days we almost Europeans, brings us closer to the reality of Asia.Russia has found a way to add to the official holidays even for five to seven days off each year, the director of the department of strategic analysis consulting company FBK Igor Nikolaev. "Technically, by the number of events we do not give countries give Russia becomes when using such an order that the holiday is transferred,if falls on a weekend. This know-how is fixed by the Labour Code, in other countries, such a procedure does not apply. "

In practice, this means that instead of the five days of the New Year and a Christmas vacationing Russians in 2010. Ten: January 2 and 3 came on the weekend, were transferred to 6 and 8 January.Other holiday dates fall on the same weekend in 2010 it will be 1 and 9 May, on 12 June.Total - plus five.Under this procedure, the country and affords the winter was done on consecutive 10 days, with 12 official holidays a year.

According to Igor Nikolaev from FBK consulting company, the cost of winter holidays - about 700 billion rubles."GDP in 2010, according to official forecasts, will amount to 43.2 trillion rubles Business Days will be 249 a year, and non-working -... 116. In view of the continuous production, trade and so on production during the weekend can be evaluated in 0.5. from the normal working hours Price per weekend, respectively, turns a little more than 140 billion rubles, "- counts Nikolaev.

Continuous production, economists estimate - is about half of the industry in Russia, and they produce, holidays did not seem to notice.Almost all companies that extract natural resources - oil, gas, iron ore, - work.

work without interruption, not only the giants - a blast furnace can not be stopped, regardless of its size.And not only the blast furnace."The loss we can not accept, because we have a non-stop cycle, - said deputy general director of the plant" Vtormet "Yuri Vorontsov.- not work managers and staff working out even if we do not do the shipment at this time, sales will be refunded after the holiday.".

However, not all the production as "prazdnikoustoychivy".Vladislav Korochkin, vice president of public organization "Support of Russia" and the CEO of the company "Russian kitchen garden", explains why the holidays are harmful: "It takes a strike for two days, and already losing big, all shouting about it And then like a strike for a fortnight.. It knocks the rhythm of the business, it will inevitably cause the loss. When the staff in December is going to rest, it is difficult to fight. And to once again enter into a working rhythm in January, has to spend up to a week. "Business Korochkina, seed production, during the holidays is, although it's time to work - in the bow season sales.Trying to keep people at work in a meaningless holiday, he explained: "There will be a mismatch for example, department head left - and reduces the efficiency of division."In addition, the Labor Code will have to pay employees twice.

However, there and ready to work industry - would be happy to work, but do not give the holidays.For example, domestic trading on the stock market stop, and foreign Russian traders colleagues have already begun the New Year rally, complaining Head exchange market Finam Sergei Dorogavtsev: "This is a sharp increase in the market in late December or early January, which everyone is waiting for, however, is no.there are no laws, the rally is only 50% of cases, that is a year. "Anyway, if the rally happens in Russia and all the rest it did not participate.

There are those who feast in joy."New Year's winter feed", - quotes the saying of tour operators Marina Smirnova, senior vice president of Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels consulting company."Long untwisted holidays - this is the high season Pensions raise the price of 2.5 times or more compared with the average season they even divide this period:.. 30 to January 2 - the maximum price, then - a little lower," - says the dynamicsSmirnova prices.

"Long holidays create new peaks in the tourist market fluctuations, - says the president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Sergei Shpilko.- For example, when the May holidays were long, there was a peak in May, along with July-August Winter holidays also stimulate demand: for example, before the crisis.suburban sites in the central zone to 25% of earnings received for the Christmas holidays. "

However, the tourism industry is unlikely to cover the hole holiday GDP: firstly, the scale of the entire Russian tourism is incomparable with the amount of the loss, and secondly, permit, for example, in Egypt will cost no more expensive sanatorium near Moscow."The major part of the tourism industry is working on the road, that is, increase the GDP of other countries", - Marina Smirnova said.

Another beneficiary of the Christmas holidays - trade."December is two November - jokes executive director of the Association of retailers Ilya Belonovskiy.- Holidays generate a stream of buyers, which takes place, however, before the holidays people are sitting is not necessary to give a home, gifts in the first week of January, so many left..that comes to retail sales decline and profitability. January 10-12 demand recovers. "

Due to the mismatch in demand and time holiday holidays themselves calculate the contribution of trade to GDP is difficult, but it is clear that the gaps of vacation he did not fill, said Igor Nikolayev of FBK."Our estimate, 700 billion rub.- approximate to show the order of losses may be, but in reality it is 650 billion, but still for our economy a lot." - Said the expert.

Agrees with him economist Vladimir Gimpelson: "Trade, tourism and others working in the industry festivals are unlikely to compensate for the country's loss, however, can come up with other theories:. Two weeks people gain strength and began to work with high performance", - sayseconomist.

All calculations festive losses actually quite arbitrary, because they do not consider essential: holidays help people regain strength."In the 60s in the Soviet Union was the transition from a six-day working week to five days, - says Associate Professor HSE Vladimir Bessonov.- chair of the transition economy theory If none registered a decrease in the level of output: thanks to the recreational effect of increased productivity but to the recreational effect.worked on the New Year's holidays, winter holidays need infrastructure that is not developed in us. "

Winter recreation in Russia - a special kind."On vacation in the order of increasing the number of alcohol poisoning and deaths at them, - says Director of the Institute of public health problems Yuri Krestinskiy.- For the first two weeks of January - 30% of deaths from alcoholic annual amount In the holiday rest and medicine, so.difficult to get qualified assistance: doctors go on vacation, many are celebrating themselves more trainees. "

Pediatrician Anton Belkin is in the winter holidays many other shortcomings."We felt injuries: people drink - cold, slippery - means more traffic accidents, more than drunk fires, injuries from firecrackers - the winter holidays all grown significantly to 70% of Russians can not afford restaurants and cinemas, moreover, a large territory.Russia no People drink them at the TV or at a party, but even so, the average new year the average Russian will cost about 6.2 thousand rubles for those with salary in 4000 rubles, -... a huge blow Besides increasing.

energy loss if a vacation is in May, they would be less. "

market research agency Profi Online Research in the run-up to past events conducted a survey among 600 respondetov between the ages of 18 and 60 in the 13 largest cities of Russia: 42% of respondents were in favor of the extension of the May holidays at the expense of Christmas, but almost as many - 46% -this idea did not like it.Apparently, the deputies on the basis of the results of such surveys can be concluded that people do not care, when to rest, and to repaint the calendar days you can not rush.

Where celebrated the New Year Russian millionaires

the night from December 31 to January 1, Roman Abramovich has arranged a grand party at his new mansion on the island of St. Bart's in the Caribbean.Thus, Roman Abramovich said just three events - the recent birth of the son of Aaron, the purchase of 54 million pounds sterling villa Gouverneur Bay and the actual New Year, wrote "Work".

evening of December 31 to 70 acres in size bay turned into a huge stage.To entertain 250 guests Abramovich invited Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Prince.According to the British The Times, only Prince asked for his performance of 500 thousand pounds.Total entertainment Roman Abramovich planned to spend 1.2 million, at a gala dinner -. Another 1.8 million pounds..

On St. Barthelemy Abramovich and his girlfriend Daria Zhukova were all the New Year holidays.And it is not alone: ​​in a new estate Roman Abramovich is still resting Gwen Stefani, to which after the holiday came to her husband and sons, Lily Cole with her boyfriend, Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Marton Alex Zosman, Jason Statham with a friend, Jon Bon Jovi, Orlando BloomMiranda Kerr and Lindsay Lohan.By the way, next to the yacht Abramovich's yacht moored Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel.But are Monica and Vincent guests Roman Abramovich and Daria or acting couple just resting in the same place, is unknown.

Russian millionaire Vladislav Doronin and his 39-year-old lover Naomi Campbell spent the New Year holidays in Thailand on the island of Phuket.All 10 days love to sunbathe and swim in the company of the Hollywood producer Brian Grazer and Vietnamese pianist Nguyen Chosenia.In addition, Naomi and Vladislav are often spent time with a colleague Campbell, Kate Moss and her civil husband musician Jamie Hinch.

Telman Ismailov, Aleksandr Mamut and Aras Agalarov chosen for the Christmas holidays French Riviera.Together with friends and surrounded by Russian artists and designers are daily organized Russian party on the beaches and in hotels.

Roustam, Polina Deripaska and Boris Yeltsin Jr. chose to relax on the sunny Italian Sardinia.New Year in the same hotel and the same room, met Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Flavio Briatore.