The success of Russia's cinema on the " Berlinale " - three " Bear " in two nominations

Russian Actors Grigory Dobrygin and Sergei Puskepalis and operator Pavel Kostomarov became winners of the 60th International Film Festival "Berlinale", they were awarded for their work on the film "How I Ended This Summer" by Alexei Popogrebsky.On Saturday night in the German capital hosted a ceremony of awarding the winners of this prestigious film festival.

Dobrygin and Puskepalis shared the prize in the category "Best Actor play", they were awarded two "Silver Bear".Kostomarov awarded the prize "for outstanding achievement in the arts" and camera work, reports RIA "Novosti".

Painting "How I Ended This Summer" - only this year, received the "Silver Bear" in two nominations.

Russians did not hide his emotions, especially Dobrygin - role in the movie "How I Ended This Summer" was his first acting job, as he told guests of the ceremony.

"What we hold in our hands - the fruit of the efforts of many people ... I thank all those who spent three months with us in the Chukotka region, and first of all, of

course, directed by Alexei Popogrebsky", - said, in turn,, Puskepalis, received the statuette.For Kostomarov "Silver Bear" was director of the film.

"Paul - very courageous and energetic man, a prominent film director I hope that this bear will help him in his career." - Popogrebsky said.

among Russians who received award "Berlinale" earlier - Sergey Soloviev ( "One hundred days after childhood", the prize for Best Director), Larissa Shepitko ( "Ascent", "Golden Bear"), Gleb Panfilov ( "Subject", "Goldenbear "), Alexander Sokurov (prize for creative contribution to the assertion of the ideals of humanism), Anatoly Solonitsyn (" Twenty-six days in the life of Dostoevsky "," Best actor "), Inna Churikova (" Wartime romance "," Best actress ")and others.The plot of the film

The plot revolves around the Russian film "How I Ended This Summer" - the fate of the two heroes from different generations, finalized watch on hard-polar station in the Arctic Ocean, the story of how personality and character are revealed in extreme circumstances.

Popogrebsky film was shot on the existing polar station in the northernmost point of mainland Chukotka.Filming began to debut kinoopytom DOBRYGIN, who later starred in the film "Black Lightning".

Performer of the station-master Sergei Puskepalis (currently chief director of the Yaroslavl Drama Theater) made his film debut in the previous film Popogrebsky "Simple Things" and was awarded a number of Russian and international awards.

Award for Best Director given Polanski

"Silver Bear" for best director was awarded to the film by Roman Polanski's "Ghost Writer".

The film tells about the writer, who is going to write the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang and in the course of work reveals a global conspiracy.

writer who intended to take the job before, drowned under mysterious circumstances, the painting draws parallels between Lang and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.In the role of the writer in the film starred Ewan McGregor, the prime minister played by Pierce Brosnan.

Polanski himself to the presentation of awards was not present, he is currently living in his home in Switzerland under constant surveillance and is a special bracelet with a radio transmitter.Filmmaker September 26, 2009 was arrested in Zurich on charges of sexual relations with a minor in 1977.Polanski's lawyers to the summer of 2008, seeking the closure of the case.Previously, the world-famous director was released on bail of $ 4.5 million.

Polanski finished work on the film directly from a prison cell in time to submit it to the "Berlinale".

"Golden Bear" will leave for Turkey

main award of the festival "Golden Bear" got the picture "Ball" Turkish director Semih Kaplanoglu, best actress recognized Japanese Shinobu Teradzhima, "Bear" for best screenplay went to the film "Together, apart," herChinese director Wang took Chuanan."Grand Prize" jury awarded the film director Florin Serban of Romania "I want to whistle - whistle", the same film won the special prize of the Alfred Bauer festival."Berlinale Camera" was awarded to Japanese director Yoshi Yamada.