For terrorists only require the highest measure

double terrorist attack in the Moscow subway again revived debate about the death penalty.Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov called on the authorities to lift the moratorium introduced in 1996.

"We have long said that the country is not ready to abolish the death penalty in the country must be restored the death penalty for the most serious crimes more horrible crime than perfect today, it is difficult to imagine..", - Said the communist leader.In his opinion, it is necessary to severely punish the very people who funded, ordered and "programmed" the people responsible for the double attack in the subway.

At the same time, according to head of the State Duma security committee Vladimir Vasilyev now raise the question of the death penalty is not necessary.Although, in principle, he did not rule out a return to this topic in the future.This was the deputy said in a press conference in RIA "News", dedicated to the events of today.

"The topic of the death penalty has just been discussed in our socie

ty, and we agreed that we did not cancel the moratorium on the death penalty, but does not exclude it from the arsenal of ... If we make the circumstances, this measure can earn, but, I repeat oncetime today so the question is not worth it, and I'm sure that will not rise, "- said Vasilyev.

However, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised to find and destroy the terrorists responsible for today's bombing."As you know, today in Moscow committed terrible in its consequences and ugly by nature performance crime against civilians in the subway killed dozens of people." - Said Putin.

"I'm sure the police will do everything to find and punish the perpetrators terrorists will be destroyed.", - The head of government said.

morning at the stations "Lubyanka" and "Park Kultury" at an interval of 45 minutes, two explosions occurred.Belts suicide bombers have set in motion two women.As a result, 38 people died (excluding terrorists, one man later died in the hospital), injured more than 100. Ministry of Emergency Situations has published the list of the victims, half of which have not yet been identified.The terrible double attack paralyzed the traffic in the center of Moscow - "red" subway branch for a few hours was closed, and people had to get to work or school by road.

remind, Russia has imposed a moratorium on the death penalty in connection with accession to the Council of Europe in 1996.Then Russia promised that soon the death penalty will be abolished de jure, ielaw.Since then it's been fourteen years, and this promise was not fulfilled.Primarily because of the threat of terrorism.Instead of abolishing the death penalty, in November 2009, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation has extended a moratorium on it indefinitely.