Media : Personal safety in the subway too early

"Utro" presents its readers a selection of the most interesting materials from a fresh Russian press "Utro" presents its readers a selection of the most interesting materials from a fresh Russian press

in the Moscow metro after the explosions at the stations "Lubyanka" and "Park Kultury" added dogsbut on the subway safely too early to speak, concludes, "Komsomolskaya Pravda".At the head of the Moscow Metro Dmitry Gaev he said last week that it takes at least 400 four-legged security guards to ensure the safety of the subway.Now, there you can see not only the usual Shepherds, Rottweilers and, Labradors and spaniels even.All service and sniff explosives."We only have 25 sniffer dogs, but for the holidays, we have attracted nearly a hundred, - told the publication in the metropolitan police department on the subway -. And riot police helped us and the departments of the interior, and interior troops."According to police, the subway takes about thousands of working dogs, to provide real protection from t

errorists.And teach each dog should be at least a year.After the detection of explosives - a much more difficult task than the detention of a bully.

South Korean newspaper "Korea Times" said the terrorist attacks in Moscow, cartoons, informs "Time of news".The first shows the station on which the train arrives with a skull instead of the cab.The cars tend to white passengers faceless figures, among them - the Black Death with a scythe.On the other - the car exploded near the bloodstained figures.Above them rises vozdevshy feet sobbing bear in a cap with earflaps.It turned out that the author of the drawings was a foreigner - Frenchman Stephane Perey.He stated that the "European School of cartoons" allows the emergence of such tragic figures on the topic and this caricature of "contains no humor."The appearance of the cartoons in the "Korea Times" gives reason to believe that there are forces in Seoul seeking to undo all the achievements in relations between Russia and the Republic of Korea.After all, "Korea Times" - one of the two central South Korean English-language newspaper, which has a large audience both inside and outside the country, the newspaper notes.

"Nezavisimaya gazeta" gives the data of the Central Bank, according to which in the first three months of 2010, net capital outflow from Russia reached $ 12.9 billion.Moreover, almost $ 12 billion was taken out by gray schemes, which are traditionally the central bank fixes as "net errors and omissions balance of payments."Experts are sure that in these circumstances there is a direct link between the decline in investment in fixed assets and capital outflows.According to them, "decline in investment in fixed assets may be due to a decrease in demand for fixed assets as a result of the expected fall in production volumes, as well as general economic uncertainty - is still not fully understood by the pace of recovery from the crisis."As a result, Russia has fallen into a vicious circle from which it is difficult to leave: falling industry and the construction industry every year less and less attractive to investors, and because of their continuing fall no one stopped.Some activity in industry and construction, which is referred to officials, related only to "revive the expectation", with the completion of the objects that already were in the final stages of construction.

celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory will be held hitherto unprecedented scale, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".The first solemn passage of the columns of the army at the same time will begin in 18 towns of Russia, as well as at the headquarters of our Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.As explained yesterday, the First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Kolmakov, a common signal for the holiday will be chiming clock on the Red Square of the capital.All that will take place on May 9 in the heart of Moscow, decided to broadcast not only on TV but also on special monitors.They are pre-set in the main squares, "parade" of cities.More than 60 Russian cities planned solemn procession of troops.According to Defense Ministry data, about 100 thousand soldiers and officers will take part in them.Especially Alexander Kolmakov yesterday spoke at length about the military parade on Red Square.In total, in the pedestrian and mechanized columns will gather more than ten thousand soldiers and nearly 160 pieces of equipment.If the weather permits, at the center of the capital city fly 127 planes and helicopters.Parade raznotsvete ceremonial march add participation of military anti-Hitler coalition.It aviators from the legendary French squadron "Normandie-Niemen" and representatives of the United US Army, which participated in the opening of the Second Front and the famous meeting of the allies on the Elbe River.UK commander in the Russian capital of the elite Guards Regiment of Wales - this part is also famous in the World War.Also invited to the capital of Polish honor guard.In addition to the military from other countries, on Red Square will be held by representatives of the CIS armies.

"World News" tells about the internal trade war between producers and processors of milk in Russia.The war is over the fact that the price of milk is expensive and so soar even more.In early March, at the Congress of the National Union of Milk Producers it proclaimed that the purchase price of the peasants should not be less than 11 rubles.per liter.Manufacturers supported by the authorities, who promised that if the factories do not accept ultimatums, the country will begin the construction of cooperative processing enterprises.Some plants, mostly small, with a proposal agreed.However, such "monsters", as "Wimm-Bill-Dann", Danone's, controlling together most of the dairy market in the country, the government is not afraid of threats.plant officials say that to establish the average temperature in the hospital is inappropriate.On the whole, the price of 11 rubles.high enough to lead to a rise in price of milk in stores by 20 percent after the parties have not agreed to, the authorities moved to take decisive action.And the blow will be inflicted on the most vulnerable spot - import.In other words, the most hard-nosed plants due to customs policy may be left without any resources.The peasants struggling to survive, of course, understandable.However, sadly, that, no matter how it ended the confrontation, retribution for his ordinary consumers.Including the poor.