Russia will die because of smoking women

already difficult demographic situation in Russia is aggravated by the growing army of smokers, and more women are becoming tobacco dependence.That in such circumstances the country is waiting for the future and how to avoid the tobacco epidemic - these issues were discussed today in the Public Chamber.

Tobacco, brought to Europe by Columbus 500 years ago, in the XXI century.collects a terrible harvest in Russia.Annually nicotine kills in our country of 400 thousand people, which is probably a little confused more than 40 million smokers Russians.Outland and the level of second-hand smoke - 82% of the population, and more than half of children and adolescents live in homes where adults smoke cigarettes.

Harmful situation with female smoking.If in Soviet times were familiar with tobacco, only 7% of the fair sex, then in 2008 - already 19%, and, according to the forecast, this figure could reach 40%.Such a jump is possible because of "glamorized" smoking quoted co-chairman of the Russian anti-tobacco co

alition Darya Halturin correspondent "Utro".Introduction of cigarettes by tobacco companies in the image of the "sweet life" led to what is now about a third of girls 15 - 16 years of smoking.

surprised such a trend is not necessary.After all, according to the deputy head of the Duma committee for public associations and religious organizations Sergei Markov, it is in Russia created the best conditions for the transnational tobacco industry.According to statistics, in our country the cheapest cigarettes with the lowest excise taxes.

rise in popularity of smoking directly affects the demographic situation in Russia.Thus, according to the Institute of Pediatrics, there are only 8% of teenagers are now reproductive health.

Save the nation's health is possible, but for this decisive action is required.The deputy chairman of the Duma Health Committee Nikolai Gerasimenko sure that it is necessary to remove cigarettes from the kiosk and vending machines, not to sell them to minors, not to sell the piece and in packs of not less than 20 pieces, as well prohibit selling any goods in the form of tobacco products.In addition, it is necessary to remove the cigarette shelves of direct sight of customers and to completely ban tobacco advertising in public places.