The helicopter by an avalanche

Kamchatka MI-8 helicopter came under an avalanche descended.According to preliminary data, on board were 18 people, including 14 tourists from snowboarders GermaniiNa Kamchatka MI-8 helicopter came under an avalanche descended.According to preliminary data, on board were 18 people, including 14 tourists from Germany snowboarders

Moscow.April 10th.INTERFAX.RU - Kamchatka came under an avalanche of MI-8 helicopter, which was carrying crew and tourists from Germany.As the head of the press service of the Far Eastern regional center of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Viktorov, the radar aerial vehicles disappeared at 14:00 local time (6:00 MSK).Immediately organized forces of the Far East and the search group EMERCOM Main Emergency Management for Kamchatka region and soon began the search for the MI-8, which, as it turns out landed and fell (as originally intended) was discovered in the area of ​​the pass Dukuk at 08:40 MSK missing helicopterdetected."It covered an avalanche, the fate

of the people is still unknown", - reported in the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.Later it was reported that as a result of emergency has survived."Above the detection of a missing helicopter is now circling helicopter with rescuers and doctors on board, visually from the air they see living people," - he said to "Interfax" head of the press service of the Far Eastern Regional Center (DVRTS) EMERCOM of Russia Sergey Viktorov.He said that the helicopter did not fall, and the planning of villages, and only then it has covered avalanche.

According to some data the Russian Emergencies Ministry, as a result of a hard landing of helicopter Mi-8, which was carrying snowboarders, 50 km west of killing Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ten people, eight survived, say in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia."According to some data, among the 18 people who were on board, ten people were killed and eight survived among the dead -. Five citizens of Russia and five Germans Among the eight survivors of the accident one Russian citizen, six Germans and one Belgian." - Reported"Interfax" in the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to the Emergencies Ministry, citizen of Belgium and the five Germans are in satisfactory condition.Under the rubble at the moment there are six dead, including four Germans and two citizens of Russia.

To date, found the bodies of four people - three Russian nationals and a German citizen.According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, all on board the helicopter were 18 people, including 12 German nationals, six Russian citizens.

As it turned out, during an avalanche two crew members had to run into the helicopter cabin, as were a few meters away from him.To a place of detection of MI-8 helicopter flew the second MOE, and then a third, which flew to the place of emergency representative of Federal Air Transport Agency.According to the Health Ministry, to the scene to urgently send two medical teams National Center for Disaster Medicine "Protection

soon received updated information on the number of helicopters on board of people: 18 people, 14 of them - foreign tourists in the emergency department at..Kamchatka region noted that, according to preliminary data, the helicopter except foreign tourists were three crew members and grandson helicopter commander, whose age was not specified.

After the start of rescue operations were discovered and sent to a hospital in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky nine people affected byaccident with the helicopter Mi-8. this was reported to "Interfax" adviser to the head of "Kamchatka airlines" company Sergey Rosaviation Isvolsky. "Nine people were sent to hospital, the search is on for the remaining six.Most likely, they are under snow, "- he said

Meanwhile, According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia." Interfax "that the seven men were found in a satisfactory condition, they help to rescue two injured were taken by helicopter to Elizovsky hospital 10 more people..according to the MOE, dig out of the snow. The works on-site emergency continues.

Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu has reported to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the measures taken by MOE in connection with the tragic accident with the helicopter Mi-8.

toldthe agency "Interfax-Far East," sources in the airline "Kamchatka airlines", avalanche near the pass Dukuk Kamchatka provoked inexperienced guides from Germany As the agency of the informed sources, a group of German heli-skiing fans (a type of winter sports -. "IF") accompanied by two German guide-conductor, working under contract with the company" Kamchatka-Explorer ", registered in the US.

"It is the guides who organize heli-ski tours, are responsible for the choice of the slope for skiing skiers and snowboarders, they should evaluate the safety of the snow", - said the representative of one of Kamchatka's tourism companies.

Local Guides before to go to the mountains with tourists, carefully study the selected area, consult with experts avalanche service, and the place thoroughly check the slope to avalanche danger."In April, when the snow becomes mobile, it is necessary to take all safety measures What appears to foreigners, there are a couple of times before in Kamchatka, failed to do." - Said the agency.