Kyrgyzstan after protests

In the next two or three months in Kyrgyzstan held a referendum on the new Constitution.According to recent data, resulting in riots shook the country, killing more than eighty chelovekV the next two to three months in Kyrgyzstan held a referendum on the new Constitution.According to recent data, resulting in riots shook the country killed more than eighty people

Moscow.11 April.INTERFAX.RU - The Interim Government of Kyrgyzstan believe that the need to convene Parliament for ouster of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev's not.That in the next two to three months is expected to hold a referendum on a new constitution.Bakiyev himself is in Kyrgyzstan and according to media reports is not going to resign as president.Meanwhile, the number of victims of riots that rocked Kyrgyzstan this week, has exceeded eighty.

political plans

On Sunday, Deputy Chairman of the Kyrgyz interim government Omurbek Tekebayev said that the convening of the Kyrgyz parliament to deprive the president's powers are not currently poss

ible."Many want a repeat of the events of 2005 when Askar Akayev resigned in writing and parliament legalized it," - he told Russian news agencies in Bishkek.According Tekebayev, "in this situation is impossible, and there is no need".

Tekebayev noted, "legitimization consists of two components: the first - is the trust of the people, the second component - it's the law.""The new government does not have a single component, but there is trust of the people, the expectations of the people, and this component is running at full power, which is the basis for the legitimization", - said the deputy chairman of the interim government.He said that "we are beginning to recognize the world, and they condemn Bakiyev's actions.""Officially, the interim government does not negotiate with Bakiyev, perhaps it makes some of the opposition leaders on their own initiative," - said Tekebayev, noting that such contacts are not official.He also said that in the next two to three months in Kyrgyzstan held a referendum on a new constitution.

In addition, the new government of Kyrgyzstan is ready to ensure the security of the president, the sanction for his arrest issued."We refute the information on whether to authorize the arrest of Bakiyev", - he told reporters on Sunday the representative of the interim government Edil Baisalov.According to him, "the new government feels responsible for the security of Kurmanbek Bakiyev and is ready to provide it in order to avoid the mob, and a real threat to his life."The Kyrgyz general prosecutor's office explained, "Interfax" that an arrest warrant only a court issues in the country.

reaction Bakiyev

Meanwhile, "Newspaper. Ru" reported on Sunday that the Kyrgyz president spoke in his native village to the relatives and journalists, a statement that does not intend to resign from office.Kurmanbek Bakiyev, according to the publication, said that he considers the events in the country on April 7 as "armed seizure of a large number of human lives."He proposed to introduce in Kyrgyzstan UN peacekeepers, as many armed men and aggravated criminal situation in the republic.At the same time, Bakiyev said that he had not talked about this with the relevant agencies, but plans to do so.

President also called for an independent international commission to investigate the events in the country, which would include representatives of the UN, OSCE and CSTO.He assured that he is ready to bear the responsibility if the Commission decides that the guilty Bakiyev.According to the President, in March the People's Kurultai supported him, and he does not understand how in such a short period of time attitude changed dramatically.The Head of State said that he believes that he must flee from Kyrgyzstan, and is not going to do it.Bakiyev added that he does not intend to use force, and expressed the hope that people will support it.

As told on Sunday by witnesses, Kurmanbek Bakiyev was in the suburb of Jalal-Abad.With the President constantly 20 people are.In addition, on its side about 500 members of the State Security Service (CDF).According to witnesses, these people set peacefully and make it their task to prevent the looting of the tribal village president Barpy.The village itself is situated virtually on the territory of Jalal-Abad.As eyewitnesses say, right now there are guards, relatives and friends of Bakiyev.Weapons have not been noticed.Before entering the street, where there is a father's house of President Bakiyev Sala, set the checkpoint, which are on duty about 15 strong men, eyewitnesses.In the house a peaceful setting, in the courtyard of the witnesses noticed a large number of bags of food.

located on the site of the witnesses claimed that in Jalal-Abad, armed men there.Meanwhile, located in 60 km south-west of Jalal-Abad, Osh, which is considered the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan, significantly large number of people with guns.As the eyewitnesses, is not clear, it is the terrorists or former law enforcement officers, but they say that are subject to the new authorities.Jalal-Abad oblast of Kyrgyzstan is located in the south-west of the country and borders with Uzbekistan.

consequences of the unrest in Kyrgyzstan

As it became known on Sunday during protests in the capital of Kyrgyzstan on 7-8 April killed 81 people."Interfax" reported the head of the press center of the Ministry of Health."Last night in the hospital died two participants share several seriously injured are in health care facilities and it is possible that the number of dead could rise," - she said.The Ministry of Health noted that among the victims there are those who commit robbery April 8 attack on the homes in the suburbs of the capital Bishkek.

According to some According to the ministry, sought medical treatment in 1651 people, 581 of them hospitalized.On the eve of the memorial complex "Ata-Beyit" near Bishkek buried 16 people killed during the riots on 7 April.