The explosion in the Gulf of Mexico made ​​a bubble

drilling platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico due to the bubble of methane rose up from the well.The drilling platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico due to the bubble of methane rose up from the well.

This version stated Professor University of California at Berkeley, Robert B., who is considered a major specialist in the field of security during drilling operations, writes "Rosbalt".

One of standard technological processes in underwater drilling is well cementing.Because heat that has occurred as a result of chemical reaction during cementing in deep methane bubble occurred.The temperature rise caused methane transition from liquid to gaseous state and then the bubble, increasing in size as it rises from the depths and pressure drop, break through the barrier on their way to the surface and burst.

According to the scientist, the first explosion occurred in the engine mounted on a drilling platform, which, due to the ingress of gas began to operate at extremely high speed.The subsequent fire led

to the explosion of the oil mixture, which was washed up on the surface, followed by methane.

Currently injured in the explosion of an oil pipe at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico lowered a giant dome.BP attempts to siphon off oil after precipitation in the bottom sediments of the 100-ton dome.This was stated by Bill Selvin, a spokesman for British petroleum oil company.

According to him, only after rainfall created of concrete and steel structure tall with four-story house can host events in its final installation on the seabed and connector pipeline equipment.It is assumed that the oil from the pipe through the pipe will be pumped into a special tanker, the "West. Ru".

For this work will take another two days, but as a result of BP hopes to prevent spilling about 85 percent of its oil from the field.Currently, water from the well in the Gulf of Mexico gets about 800 tons per day.

dome operation will not solve all the problems with the pumping of oil, so it is planned to drill directional wells, which will intersect the production well in the oil reservoir.According to her plan to kill ejection pump heavy liquid that will block the way for the oil spill.The drilling of a relief well can take two to three months.