In the New Year with the new prices : from 1 January in Russia will increase tariffs

Federal Tariff Service (FTS) in late December 2008, approved the tariff growth in 2009 to a number of key sectors of the Russian economy.The Federal Tariff Service (FTS) in late December 2008, approved the tariff growth in 2009 to a number of key sectors of the Russian economy.

Since January 1, 2009 in Russia, in particular, more expensive electricity, gas and rail freight.At the same rate of growth of tariffs for gas and transportation were reduced compared to the original plans in order to support the country's economy during the global financial crisis and falling commodity prices.Forecast at regulated prices for electricity has not changed, however, as the scenario, the authorities are considering the possibility of moving to a more flexible schedule for their indexing.

Railways - worthy compensation

FTS has decided to hold the indexation of tariffs for rail freight an average of 8%.The revision of tariffs in the next year will be carried out twice: on 1 January, they will be increased by 5%,

from July 1 - an additional 5.7%.

Previously, growth rates for rail freight since 1 January 2009 was planned at the level of 14%, the average for the year - 18.7%.Refined indexation parameters have been laid down in the forecast of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation in 2009, which provided the Ministry of Economic Development.

State compensates for the negative effect of the railroad tariff decision.The government commission to improve the sustainability and development of the Russian economy has supported the allocation of Railways in 2009, 50 billion rubles to compensate for lost revenues due to lower growth rates.These funds Railways uses to carry out its investment program, which is planned in 2009 in the amount of about 434 billion rubles.

As previously stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a decision on a more gradual increase in tariffs of natural monopolies was made in the interest of the entire economy.But the main problem of the railways is now a reduction in traffic volumes.First of all it is due to falling demand from steelmakers, fertilizer, coal miners.

new quarter - the new price for gas

According to the latest decisions of the Federal Tariff Service, the price of gas for industry and population in Russia in 2009 will be indexed every quarter: in the first quarter - by 5%, in the second and third quarters of growthamount to 7% in the fourth quarter of "blue fuel" will rise in price by 6.2%.The average annual rate of increase is expected to reach 15.9%.

Previously it was assumed that the population of gas prices in Russia in 2009 will grow by an average of 25%, industry - 19.6%, it was planned to carry out indexing twice - from 1 January and 1 July.

Despite the fact that the government has no plans to provide "Gazprom" to support the implementation of its investment program, holding sure he could perform it in full - 920 billion rubles.

That subsidizing gas monopoly "is not necessary", said on December 18, Minister of Economic Development Elvira Nabiullina, but the day after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin mentioned the holding in those companies, which lost income can be offset.State must do everything to preserve the investment program, Putin said, explaining that it is, in particular, the companies such as "Transneft" and "Gazprom".

Electricity without freezing

without revising previously announced tariff plans in the coming year include the electricity industry.Here, as expected, the population growth rates in 2009 will amount to 25%, industry - 19%.

Discussions about the possible freeze electricity tariffs for the population have not yet been confirmed.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Irina Esipova, responding to a question about the possibility of freezing electricity tariffs for the population in the first three months of 2009, said that the Ministry considers it important to continue the logic in the electricity tariff reform and to provide the necessary investment climate.

FTS representative also confirmed to RIA Novosti that elektoenergiyu tariffs for the population will grow from 1 January to 25%.It is unlikely, the source said that the earlier decision to increase the tariffs will be changed before the New Year.

At the same time, the Ministry of Energy noted that the situation with an increase in tariffs for the population in 2009 may vary.Ministry clarifies forecasts and the necessary parameters that will enable, if necessary, take action on tariffs in view of the current situation in the economy.

Earlier Deputy Vyacheslav Sinyugin Energy reported about preparing the amendments to the legislation, allowing to make changes in electricity tariffs twice a year (currently FTS sets tariffs for utilities for the year ahead).According to him, the tariff setting scheme once a year - not the best during the crisis.

decline in demand for electricity, fixed in recent months due to the decrease in industrial production, have an impact on prices in the free electricity market.According Minekonomrazviitya, the rate of growth of tariffs for electricity free market in 2009 will be less regulated by the state and will be 18.6%.Since July 1, 2009 to free prices will be sold 44% of its electricity.