" Peter Nalitch and Friends " took place in the final of "Eurovision - 2010"

Peter Nalitch and Friends, representing Russia at "Eurovision-2010", was held today with the song "Lost and Forgotten" ( "Lost and forgotten") in the final of the competition, which takes place on May 29th.

viewers and juries across Europe have identified so the top ten of the 17 artists who performed in the first semifinal.Together with the Russian participants in the finals also held Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Greece, Portugal, Belarus, Serbia, Belgium, Albania and Iceland.

According to RIA Novosti, "Musical Band" Peter having "become one of the leaders of the first semi-final in the audience and journalists from around the world - and they are both warmly welcomed, cheered and applauded by Russian competitors during their performance at the Telenor Arena stageNorwegian capital.

Nalich came on stage the semi-finals in a green jumper, gray scarf and trousers created for him by Russian designer Igor Chapurin. Russian musicians did not use the vivid special effects, is limited solely to the fal

ling snow, however, this number has become even more memorable.

"Charming and charismatic," as noted by the agency, the presence of singing the song Lost and Forgotten photo the woman he loved in his hands, the spot on a step and riveting views of spectators to the center of the scene.

by the words, which leads ItarTASS, the presence of the audience added its power band, "When we sang the empty room, it was hard", -. he said."Today we have flags, a lot of emotion on the faces of the audience It's very inspiring We want to thank everyone who came today..", - The musician added.

all his rivals in the contest are deemed worthy.However, he seemed especially bright representatives of Belarus, Belgium and Moldova."Peter Nalitch and Friends" has been selected by Russian viewers and a professional jury at national selection of 25 applicants.He scored the highest number of votes - 20.9, speaking on March 7 in a live TV channel "Russia-1".

before the first semifinal Nalich admitted in an interview with RIA Novosti that not only has no doubt of reaching the final, but also expects to win the contest "Eurovision-2010".

second semi-final will be held on May 27, it will also take 17 countries: it is Lithuania, Armenia, Israel, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Georgia and Turkey.Of these, ten will go to the finals.

also automatically appear in the final of the founders of the contest - the UK, Germany, Spain and France, as well as the host country of the jubilee 55th "Eurovision" - Norway.In the contest took part 39 countries, but to compete for the victory in the final will be only 25.

Our group will perform in the finals at number 20. This is determined by lot conducted immediately after the first semi-final, according to ITAR-TASS."It's a good number," - says available.