Demonstrators stormed the terminal Bangkok International Airport , demanding the resignation of Prime Minister of Thailand

Anti-government protesters stormed the main terminal Tuesday Bangkok International Airport.Airport Work suspended.The demonstrators demanded the resignation of Thai Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat and say they do not leave the airport building as long as this does not happen.Anti-government protesters stormed the main terminal Tuesday Bangkok International Airport.Airport Work suspended.The demonstrators demanded the resignation of Thai Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat and say they do not leave the airport building as long as this does not happen.

Flights, following in the capital of Thailand, it was decided to send to Utapao airport near Pattaya resort, 130 km from Bangkok, as well as on the island of Phuket.Today, hundreds of protesters in Bangkok airport terminal, many of them armed with clubs and iron bars, on the street heard some shots, ITAR-TASS reported.

Thai opposition leader Sondhi Limthonkul said on Tuesday that "the demonstrators will monitor the Bangkok airport, while the prime minister

will not leave the post.""Prime Minister should leave his post without any conditions," - he stressed.Several thousand representatives of the People's Alliance for Democracy, located at Suvarnabhumi passenger terminal, say they intend to put an end to confrontation and remove from power Somchai Wongsawat, brother in law of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, ousted from the country and was sentenced to two years in prison for abuse of power.

According to eyewitnesses, "on the fourth floor of a building in the relegation zone concentrated several hundred demonstrators who prevented passengers to register on the scheduled flights.""Around 21:00 local time, the angry taxi drivers attempted to remove the demonstrators from entering the airport, motivating their actions by saying that they lose income," - said one of the witnesses of the events.According to him, the latest in the crowd shots rang out.Information about the victims has yet been received.

Now Most of the passengers trying to return to the capital, some of them trying to walk to the free highways.According to one of the airport staff, the planned flights will be postponed indefinitely.did not rule out the airport, some flights, following in Bangkok, will land in Subvarnahumi, the rest will be directed to alternate airports, including U-Tapao Pattaya at the resort, 130 km from the capital.

According to available information, on Tuesday is scheduled to one run in Russia.According to preliminary data, it is currently in Bangkok expected departure in Russia are about 100-200 tourists."I know that fly from Bangkok can flight to Orenburg", - told "Gazeta ru." Consul of the Russian Embassy in Thailand Andrei Dvornikov.

Embassy, ​​according to him, is still negotiating with travel agencies and airlines."Who is taking the necessary measures with regard to our citizens most anticipated version -. Hotel accommodation", - the diplomat noted.According to him, some airlines want to stop all flights to Thailand, including "Transaero" company.

diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation as "strongly recommends that Russian citizens in Thailand to exercise extreme caution and avoid visiting places of demonstrations and rallies."

At the same time, the head of the Union of Tour Operators of Russia Irina Tyurin said that the airline is no official information about the closure of the airport in Bangkok."At 23:20 in Bangkok is due to leave the plane" Transaero "Information about the cancellation has yet been received.", - She noted.

most of the current stock of demonstrators suffered by foreign tourists, hundreds of people fleeing Thailand, have to get to the building of the airport on foot with his luggage.As the Russian consul said in Thailand Andrei Dvornikov, "at the moment the main highway leading to the air port, blocked three cordon of protesters."In particular, on the road, "observed living cordon, barricades, fenced with barbed wire, as well as two trucks blocked the roadway completely."

"In this regard, the tourists arriving at the airport of the city, have to follow with the luggage to the building of 2-3 km on foot passenger terminal - Dvornikov said -. While the demonstrators passed people to the building."At the airport, an emergency committee set up to resolve the situation."Representatives of international airlines have been negotiating with the demonstrators in order to end the blockade of the main road arteries", - he informed the Russian consul.

Meanwhile, the demonstrators announced their intention to continue to block the main road leading to the international airport until Wednesday.As stated on Tuesday, the leaders of the People's Alliance for Democracy, "the people of NAD continue anti-government rally at the entrance to the passenger terminal at least until Wednesday."

Demonstrators intend to wait here for the return of Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat, who is still due to the failure of the liner is in the Peruvian capital Lima, where he took part in the APEC summit.However, surrounded by prime minister informed that the "plane Wongsawat anyway will land in another airport in order not to aggravate the situation even further."

Earlier Somchai Wongsawat said he would not resign."I was elected to this position by legal means", - reminded the Premier reporters on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Lima.Aggravate the situation in Bangkok will not affect the situation in the country as a whole and will not cause serious harm to its economy, he assured the Prime Minister and promised that "the government will continue to negotiate with the opposition."

At the same time Wongsawat ordered the Thai army commander Gen. Anupongu Paochinde "to monitor the situation and, in the case of aggravation, to give orders to the relevant authorities."Paochinda did not rule out the possibility of "military intervention in the situation in order to maintain order."