Universities waiting for a big cleaning

The intention of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to significantly reduce the number of universities has become known in July of this year.As the then vice-president of the Russian Academy of Education and the former head of Rosobrnadzor Viktor Bolotov, the first under the reduction will likely become subject to higher education, in which less than ten thousand full-time students."The world practice shows that the high schools with fewer branches day students usually can not provide good material resources, to organize the learning process at a high level", - said Bolotov.

In September it was reported that the majority of Russian universities could lose their university status later this year.The journalists said the head of the Ministry of Education Andrei Fursenko.It is possible that from only 150 remain 3.2 thousand institutions of higher education -. 200, and the right to be called the University will take away 90% of higher education institutions, which are now weari

ng the name, he said.

In an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", published today, Fursenko spoke in detail about the problems of higher education and of how future reductions will help universities to address them.The Minister reminded that has 50 competitive universities currently in Russia, and another 150 - 200 higher education institutions provide a good education, but by a narrower profile."Today, the country's fifteen hundred accredited universities and 2200 branches And I'm not talking about high schools offices, which are also often teach classes that all illegal Many regions do require:.. Close the branches, where students sometimes take simply by correspondence to fill in questionnaires.I received in response to the receipt, paid - and you are a student This discrediting of education turns out that you can write "milk" by "a" and go to college, "-.. perplexed Fursenko.

overabundance universities hurting higher education.'Today, accreditation indicators in varying degrees, do not perform nearly a thousand branches We need to maintain effective institutions to increase their funding, rather than wasted in pseudo-education I think in the near future, the number of branches of universities in the regions will be halved -.. One would be closed, others willare attached to the branches, giving a quality education, the number of high schools in four, too, according to our estimates, will decline somewhere in the 20% -. too, by reorganizing and combining and none of this does not lose ", -. assured the head of the Ministry of education.

of pseudo obtained in psevdovuzah, leads to an extremely low level of knowledge of graduates.This situation Office Fursenko also intends to correct.Last month, the Minister said that now the front of the unit to work graduates will wait for verification of aptitude."The educational community is now discussing the idea that in addition to the graduate diploma a person must pass the qualifying exams for the right to engage in a particular profession," - said Fursenko.He also announced the creation of a special electronic database, referring to which it will be possible to establish the authenticity of the document on higher education.