Media : Appetite military offices is growing by 2012 to avoid the army will not be possible

Every year more and more young people get into the Russian army conscript.If this trend continues, by 2012, military service in the country will be universal, in the truest sense of the word, the newspaper said.Ru.

comparison reporters analyzed, the percentage of young people for military service been serving from 2005 to 2010 and made a forecast for the next five years.It turned out that in 2005 the army were less than 25% of potential recruits - about 300 thousand of the 1.31 million young men who have attained at that time 18 years old.

After that, the number of recruits began to increase sharply, and the demographic situation worsens.As a result, due to the decline in fertility in the 1980s, by 2009 it turned out to be 1.06 million young people in Russia who have reached military age.At the same time due to the transition to a one-year service call was doubled and went to serve about 577,000 18-year-old boy that was already 55% of their total number in the country.

- Spring Call was held under th

e slogan "anyone caught": delay taken even students

This year, the military seems to have no intention of slowing down and fewer young people will get under appeal, and the number of 18-year-old is at the same timejust 940,000 people, that is the proportion of conscripts could rise to 60%.

If the system call does not change soon, then in 2012 the percentage of soldiers of the total number of 18-year-old Russian, which is projected to reach 740,000 people, will increase to almost 80%.This demographic collapse with time does not disappear, and in 2015 in Russia will be only 680,000 young people who have reached military age, that is almost identical to the predicted call.

as exits from this situation edition offers three options: a transition to contract service, the army, or the humanization of mechanical reduction in the number of recruits.

plans for the transition to a contract "successfully failed", stated in this year's Audit Chamber.Accommodation for contract and has not been built, as, indeed, and a place for recreation and entertainment.Furthermore, there are no buildings and sports.Naturally, it immediately reduced the attractiveness of professional military service.

The Defense Ministry this reacted quickly, saying that at all, and did not intend to create a fully professional army.Now senior management acts allegedly mixed type, that is, the presence of the army and the contract, and conscripts and civilian personnel, and the question is only in their relationship.

second variant solutions recruitment problems - humanization of the army, that will make young people appreciate military service, has been widely discussed in the first place, the head of the Ministry of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov.According to him, the Russian army for soldiers, conscripts will be introduced five-day working week and siesta, and to prepare them food, clean the area and the rooms will be civil society organizations.Serdyukov stressed that in remote parts of the military conscripts be able to use the "accumulated output" in the form of additional leave.

However, firstly, this program requires certain investments, and secondly, talk about it blocked a scandalous statements of the deputy chief of the General Staff, the Chief of the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff, Colonel-General Vasily Smirnov.In late April, he unveiled plans to increase the military leadership of military age, life extension and restriction of the call delay.

After these resonant applications all the talk Defense Minister Serdyukov of "humane" army began to appear, "no more than a propaganda cover for the dirty tricks that the Defense Ministry has come up with for the citizens," wrote then the media.

simplest and most probable solution of the situation with a tendency to conscription mechanical press is seen reduction in the number of recruits."The combat readiness of the Armed Forces of this, perhaps, will fall, but the authorities do not get used to this fact all the zigzags of the draft policy to increase the combat capability of the troops and do not have any bearing on them.", - The newspaper concludes.Ru.