The Russians turned against governors in connection with fires .Matt came to Putin

Residents of Russia began to openly show their dissatisfaction with the actions of the governors, who are responsible for both the fire-fighting measures taken, and for extinguishing the fire.290 inhabitants of the Vladimir region wrote an open letter to President Dmitry Medvedev, accusing the governor Nikolai Vinogradov in "care attitude" to the people and asked to send him to resign.Residents of Russia began to openly show their dissatisfaction with the actions of the governors, who are responsible for both the fire-fighting measures taken, and for extinguishing the fire.290 inhabitants of the Vladimir region wrote an open letter to President Dmitry Medvedev, accusing the governor Nikolai Vinogradov in "care attitude" to the people and asked to send him to resign.

Recall that governors work in connection with the extinguishing of fires and unhappy in the Kremlin.On the eve of President Medvedev promised to make a "debriefing" the Governor and Government.And Prime Minister Vladimir Putin before the me

eting with the governors chastised them for poor performance.

Simultaneously conversation with Putin, continues the blogger, who uses foul language, criticizing the governor of the Tver region for the lack of fire-fighting measures.At this time an Internet user accused the head of the Tver Dmitry Zelenin in a lie.As a blogger says, although the head of the region and stated that solves the problem with fire measures in Kalyazin district area, in fact nothing was done.

On the reaction to the accusation of the Tver governor is still unknown, but in the administration of Vladimir region, the head of the letter believe a political provocation.According to the newspaper "Kommersant", Nikolay Vinogradov himself refused to comment on the "anonymous lie."In the letter, the governor was accused that he was resting, "while dozens of hectares of land entrusted to him blazed."The administration's claim that as soon as the situation escalated fire, Vinogradov immediately interrupted his vacation and for two weeks leads the fight against the fire.

As it became known, the first in the list of disgruntled actions of the governor are the names of existing regional leaders of the Communist Party, including Secretary of the regional party committee Yury Cherkasov.The press service of the regional branch of the party "Kommersant" denied the involvement of communists to the document and noted that no complaints about the work of the governor have not.According to some local politicians, provocative letter was written on the initiative of "United Russia".The press service of the Vladimir branch of United Russia refused to comment.

note that the situation with fires in the Vladimir region continues to be serious.In several areas, the concentration of carbon monoxide has exceeded 4.5 times.On the eve of the maximum allowable concentrations of carbon monoxide and particulate matter in the air it was recorded in Gus-Crystal.It is in this area for the majority of peatlands, which continue to burn.

blogger from the Tver region the nickname top-lap continued to bring charges against the Tver Governor Dmitry Zelenin, the radio station "Echo of Moscow".Head of the region previously told his readers in the microblog Twitter: "Kalyazinsky KGIlin (chapter) bell hangs already sought for two days, found And for me, Twitter and LiveJournal - a kind of bell..."

"bell hanged ... Mr Zelenin lying ... The administration of the Tver region, to report to the prime minister, has not complied with any obligations which have been assigned to them", - he wrote the blogger.Internet user to another record on August 5 at his blog accused Zelenin also that authorities initially lied that arable land in Tver, not sold, and sold it yourself.Then, according to the blogger, the authorities lied that teachers receive a salary of 20 thousand. Rubles, while in reality, the teachers at the school to earn only 5-6 rubles.

"You're lying, and lying, I saw you in Courchevel, at this time of your area is frozen, because the gas you have not spent in the village, but you were laughing with family and posed like a horse for photographers ..." - wrote a blogger.

the eve of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin responded to the letter blogger spoke about the neglect of officials from the Tver region that using profanity elementary fire protection measures in one of the local villages.The letter began a colorful phrase: "Do you know why we burn Because n ** dec?".The man complained covered with ponds, the lack of fire engines and methods of fire alarm warning.

Putin in response, which passed through the "Echo of Moscow", wrote that he appreciated the frankness and directness blogger and even in general agreement with the observations, but asks him to consider that "these high temperatures in Russia for 140 years, and therefore,and under the Communists, it was not. and this is at least partly justifies power, which, of course, is responsible for disaster management, but for the first time faced with such scale and such a large scale disaster. ".

Releasing several caustic jokes and comparing with author Maxim Gorky ( "And you, of course, a gifted writer If earned a writer's work, could live as favorite writer Lenin - AM Gorky - Capri"), the Prime Minister ordered:" If you have your bell addresses get the governor immediately. "The press service of Zelenin in response, said that the governor before the promulgation of correspondence with Mr Putin knew about the problem, and even took measures: ordered to hang the bell. found that to effectively fight fires in Russia is hampered by imperfect legislation.According to the Forest Code of the responsibility for the elimination of forest fires are the subjects of the federation.In the Moscow region forest guards Federal Forestry Agency (Rosselhoz).Money for the prevention and suppression of fires regions receive from the federal budget.This year, the region has been allocated 15% less money than in the past.

single body, which was supposed to control the fire safety in the woods, in the country in fact.Technically, such a duty carries out the Federal Forestry Agency, but it is part of the Ministry of Agriculture, and his head is not present at meetings of the coordination of activities in this direction.Responsibility for local fire fighting lies with the regional ministries of nature and forest management bodies.

authorities announced a competition among the state institutions, which often benefit local ministries subordinate unitary state enterprise or company asking for modest funds for their activities, but it does not have the technical means for the prevention of fires and combating primary sources of fire.

on leased sites of forest fire fighting, according to the law, in addition to the State, should be dealt with tenants.But in reality they do not do, to oblige tenants to extinguish fires is also impossible.Since in the suburbs and in many regions of the forests of Central Russia are not of interest for logging, tenants are not willing to fight the fire qualified.

Prior to the adoption of the new Forest Code in most areas responsible for preventing fires were foresters.After forestries reforms combined in forestry, which includes 4-5 farms.The number of employees decreased.Now the forester simply does not have time to patrol vast areas of forest.If before the forester himself could extinguish the fire station, now he can be accused of misuse of funds, as responsible for firefighting are other organizations and agencies.

MOE is currently responsible only for protection of the population and economic facilities during fires.Experts in the field of forest protection say that the MOE to extinguish forest fires can not, because this is actually the rescuers never done.

Experts say that, as a rule, the financing of regional organizations is much lower organizations and federal agencies.All regions, which because of fire entered emergency mode, experiencing a budget deficit, found "Newspapers. Ru".In 2009, after the summer forest fires Rosselhoz, summing up the work, said that some regions in desperate need of additional fire fighting resources.

Despite the fact that the agency has prepared an action plan for 2010, according to which the budget had to allocate money for interregional maneuvering forces and fire extinguishing means of subjects of Russia, none of the subjects of the federation, where burning fire, for some reason, have not filedan application to the Federal forestry agency of the additional funds.As experts fear, it is likely, as soon as the current fires will be extinguished, to solve the situation with the fire safety again, no one will.