RF cope with the Finnish crisis and US will have a hard time

Psychics and clairvoyants not portend serious problems of Russia in connection with the come the global economic crisis, according to a press release of TV channel TNT, which leaves the show "Battle of psychics" .Ekstrasensy and clairvoyants not portend serious problems in Russia due to the global economic maturedcrisis, according to a press release of TV channel TNT, which leaves the show "Battle of psychics".

"The crisis has not much impact on our country. I think that the government and the heads of the banks, together with the sponsors will find a way out of the situation, despite the difficulties. People do not need to panic, in a few months everything will be fine. Russia has been a strong country, haveand will be!"- Said the Iranian Mehdi psychic.

According Tursunoi clairvoyant, during the economic crisis the country is difficult, but the government will cope with the situation about two years and two months.She said that she had seen in Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Presid

ent of Russia dream.

"This means that this strong alliance heads of state will be able to quickly put Russia on its feet, and two to three years to make it the center of the world economy. It is necessary to deal with corruption, to modify tax laws, and pay attention to the development of internal and external business, "- said the clairvoyant.

"Russia will develop, our bankers will invest in the West and the East Our strengthened so that they will invest abroad.", - Says Elena Smelova another psychic.

According Tursunoi America - "evil country" that has cursed the entire world."After September 11, she had to hire an army of shamans, which could block all negative energy is sent to the US people from all over the world", - she said.

Gypsy psychic Aza Petrenko is also confident in the negative consequences of the crisis for the United States of America.

"By the New Year the situation slowly begins to stabilize But America will have hard times -. This country will collapse under any circumstances," - she said.

All psychics and clairvoyants are the winners and finalists of the television show "Battle of psychics".