Confidence in Putin and Medvedev has fallen to a record , we find sociologists

confidence ratings to Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev have fallen to their lowest level of the past few years, according to polls Fund "Public Opinion" (FOM), VTsIOM and "Levada-Center".At the same time polls still unlikely to take into account the annoyance of people actions of the authorities to extinguish the fires.Fostered by the ruling elite of the power vertical proved ineffective in the face of the fire element, however, fires can hardly affect the system of governance, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

According to FOM, in January, President Medvedev to trust 62% of citizens, and 1 August these people have only 52%.So low fell only support the president in 2008, when the economic crisis began.Prime Minister trust 61%, the same as in June.Last time that low support for Putin dropped in 2006.In January, the Prime Minister trust 69%, write "Vedomosti".

VTsIOM shows the same trend: Medvedev to trust rating fell from 44 to 39%, and Putin - from 53 to 47%.According to the "Levada-center", the number of thos

e who trust the president has fallen only from 39 to 38%, and trust the prime minister - from 48 to 44%.

Ratings prime minister and the president for a half year may fall to 40%, despite the loyal TV, says a leading researcher at the Institute of Sociology Leonty Byzov.According to him, there is a moral fatigue of Putin in a society matures protest potential.And this despite the fact that the ratings have not yet affected the effect of the fire, but it will hit him.

In August, the level of support for the authorities, of course, will decrease, Advisor recognizes the first deputy head of the President Administration Gleb Pavlovsky.According to him, the fires caught the country by surprise guide the vertical of power was worthless exactly in the situation that considers itself emblemnoy."This is a sign of exhaustion management system", - he states.

Meanwhile, according to deputy head of the executive committee of the "United Russia" Alexey Chadaeva, crash ratings top officials and the party will not be in a critical situation people will rally around it.According to the president of FOM Alexander Oslon, the current decline in trust ratings can be attributed to the heat, to spoil the mood of the citizens.

fostered by the ruling elite of the power vertical proved ineffective in the face of the fire element.In unusual situations, this system of government shows clumsiness and lack of initiative needs to be operated manually, said, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

According to the newspaper, a vertical control method is tuned not to prevent problems and to eliminate their negative effects for the government itself.Putin himself in the current emergency situation demonstrates the enormous political experience.The field of its activity - the psychology of perception of power, and he understands what has to press levers.Total of three levers.

Firstly, the government should be personalized.The authority should be a person, not a mechanism.Putin and his political capital becomes a personality.

Second, the government should be close, omnipresent.Demand for the old image of "leader who always kept up" is still in the price.Putin actualizes it by visiting the area affected by the disaster, and speaking of surveillance cameras and three monitors.In "mass" is impressive.

Thirdly, the authorities should promptly identify themselves with those who can and should make a claim, but not with those to whom these claims are shown.Putin is indicative conversation with Voronezh Governor Alexei Gordeyev, during which the Prime Minister said that "officials have the money to build huge buildings came from nowhere."These officials - part of the system, part of the vertical.But Putin one remark indicates that he is not with them but with the people.

This is one of the main reasons for the stability of the vertical.At the critical moment of power in Putin's face does not enter into a bilateral dialogue with the affected emotions, and trying to become the embodiment of these emotions.As a result: in the eyes of the victims, Putin - not just a big boss from Moscow.As a result of fires, such a system are not afraid, said, "NG".