Way through the " road map "

on tripartite talks the leaders of Russia, Germany and France was once again raised the issue of visa-free regime.The Russian president proposed to develop a "road map" visa-free travel between Russia and the ECHA tripartite talks the leaders of Russia, Germany and France was once again raised the issue of visa-free regime.The Russian president proposed to develop a "road map" visa-free travel between Russia and the EU

Deauville / Moscow.19 October.INTERFAX.RU - The issue of visa-free regime between Russia and the EU was again raised as one of the key - this time it discussed the leaders of Russia, France and Germany at the trilateral meeting in Deauville.In the words of the French and German sides declared that they are ready to make every effort to ensure that visa-free regime, about which so much and so long ago, they say, has become a reality.

In particular, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged to accelerate the development of a new strategic agreement on cooperation between Russia and the EU."W

e talked about the relationship between the EU and Russia We want a new agreement between the EU and Russia was signed as soon as possible we need to accelerate the negotiations.." - She said at a press conference after talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Russian PresidentDmitry Medvedev.Chancellor recognized that an important question remains about the visa regime between the EU and Russia."We need a new, modern convention Germany, France and Russia will work together to ensure that the negotiations on this issue were quickly completed.", - Said Merkel.

President proposed to develop a "road map" visa-free travel between Russia and the EU and to discuss its contours during the Russia-EU summit in Brussels in December."Everyone understands that the visa should be canceled and that it is impossible to make a push, willed by We are also all aware that it must be a process, and it should be yours." Roadmap "- said Medvedev, adding that" the next round of consultations. "" should take place already with the participation of all sides I believe that this can be done in the course of work with the European Commission in the framework of a visit of Brussels, "- said the president of the Russian Federation according to him, the parties' positions on the issue of the abolition of visas between Russia and the EU."understandable, pragmatic, they are based on domestic political realities that have developed in each country ".

French President, in turn, promised to make every effort for the introduction of a visa-free regime between Russia and the EU." We will work with the Russian side by side in the climateconfidence on those issues that are very important for Russia, including on issues of visas, "- he said." on this issue, we must move step by step ", - stressed the head of the French state at the same time, he expressed his readiness to assist Russia in the process of modernization.."We must help Mr. Medvedev to modernize his country", - said the French president.He believes that in 10-15 years between the EU and Russia will be a common economic space, a common concept of security and visa-free regime."My personal view - the fact that in 10-15 years the vision of the future will be: a common economic space between the EU and Russia to freedom of plants, with the abolition of the visa regime and the general concept of security" - summed Sarkozy.

Sarkozy said that during the talks with Medvedev and Merkel, the parties agreed to resolve other issues, including the economic problems of European security, the Middle East problem and the Iranian problem.In addition, on the eve of the French presidency of the "group of 20" negotiators also discussed issues on the agenda of the next meeting, members of an association of leaders of the countries.

Head of the Committee for International Affairs of the Federation Council Mikhail Margelov said that the meeting in Deauville may affect the promotion of cooperation between Russia and the EU."The success of this meeting, of course, creates a favorable atmosphere of cooperation between the Russia-Europe", - he told "Interfax" on Tuesday, commenting on the results of the summit in Deauville.Recalling that the EU was represented by the heads of states, which represent the core of the European Community, the Russian senator said that this form of communication would have an effective impact on all aspects of our relationship, given that the parties attach great importance to the terms of the visa regime.It was promised that at the December summit of the Russia-EU on this issue will take place positive moves, Margelov added."On the agenda of the meeting -. A few items, including a long time raised the issue of simplifying the visa regime with EU countries, Moscow and Brussels are doomed to cooperation, and this would not only contribute to the meeting at the state and diplomatic level, but also a lot of dialogues inthat when a favorable visa regime to engage the citizens of Russia and the EU ", - said the agency.According to him, the term "reboot", is firmly part of the political rhetoric of recent times, it is applicable to the talks the presidents of Russia, France and Germany.

Meanwhile, earlier the Russian side by the mouth of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov strongly suggests that the response to the Russian proposals for the transition to a visa-free regime would be a positive and fast enough.In September this year, Lavrov said that the tape becomes unseemly in this matter.According to the Russian minister, the EU has a visa-free regime with some countries of the world "There are no reasons not to include in the list of the Russian Federation does not exist", -. Lavrov said.

In June 2010, passed the EU-Russia Summit, where the issue of establishing a visa-free relations in Rostov-on-Don has become, in fact, central.However, then come to a real agreement between the parties failed.Even before the summit, the Russian side expressed the hope that the event will be able to achieve concrete solutions in the first place, that will be determined by the specific terms of a visa-free movement to the system of relations.During the summit, Dmitry Medvedev noted that Russia in this task is ready.Medvedev, responding to the question, what prevents the abolition of visas, once said during a June summit that Russia "does not interfere"."We are ready to do it tomorrow We believe that the degree of readiness of Russian society in order to make Europeans without visas, and to control all the processes associated with it, at the moment is very high.", - He said.But according to the Russian president, there is the technical side, required for this, there is a corresponding set of agreements, including an agreement that concerns the fate of those who come to the violation of the law, and their subsequent expulsion.However, as noted by the head of state, in the EU the situation is complicated by the fact that each of the 27 member states of the EU, has its own point of view on the issue of the abolition of visas."The sooner a consensus will be found on this subject within the EU, the better", - President said, noting that Russia understands the difficulties faced by European partners.According to the head of the Russian state, the EU concerns "relate more to our history than to the actual situation."