The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the feast in honor of the prophet Elijah

Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the day on Saturday, the Old Testament prophet Elijah, who worship their patron saint of Russian paratroopers.The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the day on Saturday, the Old Testament prophet Elijah, who worship their patron saint of Russian paratroopers.

According to RIA Novosti, the representative of the press service of the Moscow Patriarchate, this morning, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the Church of Elijah the Prophet in Obydensky lane (start of service at 9:30 MSK).

And at 11.00 MSK public events in honor of the "Day Ilina" with Airborne will begin Ilyinke.On the street that bears the name of a prophet, will host a procession on Red Square.He completed the festive prayer service on Calvary.After the official speeches held demonstrations paratroopers, students and cadets.Religious procession participants of the celebrations will return to the church of the Prophet Elijah.

On the same day in the capital will be holiday concerts (in particular, on Vasilyevsky Spusk), charitable meal, fair with the participation of veteran organizations Airborne, children's sporting events.

In 1606 in Moscow the day of memory of the prophet Elijah, the ringing of the bells of the temple of Elijah the Prophet at the Novgorod Compound inhabitants of the city rose up against the False Dmitry I and Polish invaders.

When the capital was liberated from invaders (in 1612) and ended during the Troubles, Patriarch Filaret and Tsar Mikhail Romanov paid tribute to the patron saint of the popular uprising and gave Ilyin day national importance.

Since then, every year on the Feast of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church with the king and crowded procession from the Kremlin's Spassky Gate went to the Execution Ground, which was accomplished a prayer to the prophet Elijah.And then the celebration continued in the Ilyinsky temple in China town.

In the post-revolutionary era tradition was interrupted and was revived a few years ago, with the support of the Airborne Command, the Russian president's administration, the city authorities, the Chamber of Commerce and other government and public institutions.

St. Elijah, who appeared in Palestine in the first nine centuries before Christ, is considered one of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament.From a young age, he chose a life in the desert, fasting and prayer, and became famous denunciation of the Gentiles, and miracles.

According to legend, it is the prayer of Elijah in Israel once the rain stopped - as a punishment for the people worshiping the idol Baal.The drought ended only after Elijah's victory over the priests of Baal and national repentance.

For fiery zeal in the faith Elijah in a chariot of fire was taken to heaven alive.That's what he is most often depicted in Orthodox icons - ascending to heaven in a fiery chariot.