Ministry of Defense requests to extend the call dates in the army : to enroll in higher education recruits no longer have time to

Russian Ministry of Defense asked the legislators to extend spring conscription in 2011, "Interfax"."I think the call will be extended until 31 August, at least, we ask to prolong.", - Said Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Vasily Smirnov at a press conference on the results of the autumn conscription.Meanwhile, critics of such changes indicate that it will deprive many young people of the opportunity to enroll in universities and actually kill the Russian higher education.

Last week the State Duma received a bill for an extension of up to five months the period of spring conscription for military service: from 1 April to 31 August.With the initiative of the party "United Russia" has acted.Spring call they proposed to extend for the entire summer until August 31 and to reduce the fall of one month - from 1 November to 31 December.Until recently, the spring call took place in the period from 1 April to 15 July.Also on the bill of United Russ

ia may increase the service life of almost one and a half years: MPs want to extend the period of notice after "dembelskogo order" to five months.

The explanatory note to the draft law, the move is motivated by the fact that under the conditions of a substantial increase in citizens' conscription increased need for training in military occupational specialties sergeants and soldiers-professionals "that the current system of training citizens in educational connections at termprepare them for five months, carried out twice a year, does not allow to meet. "

According to Smirnov, the extension of the spring conscription campaign "will not lead to an increase in service life.""We just resound time completing training units of the Armed Forces," - said the general.

He explained that the change in the term of appeal is necessary in order to streamline the training units in the Armed Forces.If earlier the soldiers were trained in them for five months, it is now planned to be translated into a three-month training at the training centers.

"We plan to conduct training (specialists in training centers) for three months, eight months, and a young man who has received military occupational specialties and weapon handling skills will improve their skills in parts", - said Smirnov.At the United Russia

bill immediately found opponents, accusing them of trying to destroy the Russian higher education.Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the executive secretary of Russian Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers Valentina Melnikova critical of the bill to increase the term of the spring conscription of citizens for military service, which was prepared in the State Duma Committee on Defense.

"The adoption of this bill that would increase to five months (from 1 April to 31 August) the term spring draft, would mean death for the higher education of the country and detrimental affect to the army itself, which forcibly drive the kids, not prepared to serve no moralnor practically "- Melnikov said earlier this week," Interfax ".

According to her, "in the case of the high school students of this bill can not normally go to universities after graduating from high school.""In turn, many graduates may have trouble entering the graduate school, and those who have completed a bachelor degree will not be able to enroll in the master's degree is a vicious circle." - Said Melnikov on Tuesday.

She believes that a principled assessment of the bill should be given in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, as well as the president of the Union of Rectors of Russia and the Russian Public Chamber.

In Russia, students of military service do not call and call will not be announced on Thursday Smirnov."We have never called for the students in the army and are not going to do it - he said -. We are - for ensuring that those citizens who have the right to delay, would receive this reprieve and the Ministry of Defence, and draft boards do not prevent it.", - he stressed.

Earlier, there were reports that students of the Vladimir State University received a summons from military enlistment offices.Under the call were students from 1 to 5 year.

This was due to the fact that until recently relied respite to all students of state universities.But from January 1, 2008 put the delay only to students of so-called accredited specialties.Two and a half years from the date of change of the law students VlSU draft board did not touch, but in the autumn of 2010 requested a full list of specialties and all "non-accredited" (as well as some "accredited") the students sent a summons.

In addition, in various regions of the country, including in Moscow, there is a vicious practice of so-called raids on conscripts.So, December 14 of 2010, on Tuesday, about six o'clock in the morning police patrol came unexpectedly to the building of the hostel of the Moscow State Conservatory.Tchaikovsky at the Little Georgia Street.Staged raids on the full-time students of higher musical education institution.

Meanwhile, Smirnov declared, draftees still does not possess health.Only 67.3% of people who appeared on the draft boards, found fit for military service without restrictions or with minor restrictions.

"Of conscripts citizens, more than half had a different constraints for health reasons, it is not possible to send them to the recruitment of military units, where soldiers are increased requirements (Airborne Forces, the Navy, the Interior Ministry troops of Russia and others)" -said the deputy chief of the General Staff.

In addition, "30% of young people in general were exempted from military service for health reasons Unfortunately, this rate is not reduced.", - He stressed.

In order to optimize the level of training of junior officers, the Ministry of Defense has decided to expand the list of military schools, training of cadets at military NCO specialties, from the current 19 to 24. "Our goal is to prepare as much as possible not to sergeants, and cooktheir quality the number of sergeants will grow as necessary ", -. the general explained.

According to him, now in military educational institutions enrolled 1.5 thousand future sergeants, 20 thousand more are being trained in the district military training centers."The Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff General pay special attention to the training of sergeants who are the main actors in the development of the soldiers," - said General Smirnov.

Meanwhile, according to the representative of the General Staff, the Ministry of Defence to comply with the plan of the autumn conscription.In the autumn and winter of 2010 for military service is intended to 278 thousand. 821 citizen.As the health of 30% of recruits, he said Smirnov had been released during the autumn conscription to military service.

Meanwhile, according to him, from the recruitment deviate more than 200 thousand. Man in Russia."We are very concerned about the problem evaders About 200 thousand conscripts do not wish to receive the agenda (in appearance to the military commissariat), evade receiving summonses or loss from the place of residence without removal from the military account.." - Said Smirnov at a press conference.

In addition, according to him, 13 thousand. 600 people received summons, declined to appear in the military enlistment offices.According to the Defense Ministry, in the autumn of 2010 in relation to citizens, draft evaders, brought only 80 criminal cases and only 74 persons convicted during the call.

Today, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree on initial military registration of citizens born in 1994 and older citizens do not come to the city military enlistment offices in a timely manner.Military Commissariat of Internal Affairs of Moscow and tasked "to carry out concerted actions" to search for people who evade military registration and military service.Detective evaders will not be limited to the timing of the spring draft (from 1 January to 31 March 2011), and will last the whole year.