Policemen turned into police for two months

Certification police, who on March 1 will be replaced by police officers in Russia, runs out in two months.This writes "RBC daily", referring to an action plan to prepare for the entry into force of the law "On Police", signed by Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev.

According to the newspaper, before March 1, the Interior Ministry will form a certification committee, which until May 1 will hold an extraordinary certification of personnel.Certification will not affect police chiefs, appointed by the President, said "RBC daily".

Previously, RIA Novosti reported with reference to a source in the Interior Ministry reported that from March 1, officials of the Ministry will be withdrawn from the staff.According to the source, they will retain all features and will not be restricted in their rights.

As noted Nurgaliyev, revalidation will begin with the leaders of the central apparatus and territorial bodies of the Ministry of Interior.Then pass the certification medium and personnel.Interior Minister said t

hat those who did not pass certification, will be either dismissed or demoted.According to the planned reform of the Interior Ministry, the number of police officers will be reduced by 20 percent.

As the "RBC daily", in terms of the signed Nurgaliyev also said that the new badges at the police appear until December.all the inscriptions on the police cars will be replaced to the same time.

On the timing of the supply of a new police uniforms is not yet known.At the same time, the draft law "On Police", approved by the Parliament, said that the police will be able to wear the old form to the new form of government approval and timing of samples to ensure its employees.

According to the newspaper, the Interior Ministry plans to ask for additional funding for the Ministry of Finance on the renaming of the police.In autumn 2010, the Ministry of Interior estimated the conversion of the police to the police is 2.2 billion rubles, but later it became known that the Finance Ministry has not laid down for 2011 funds in the budget for a number of the provisions of the reform (mostly they relate to the police grants).

In September, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said that the overall police reform will cost the country 217 billion rubles.