Fast food kills brain

parents can cause irreparable harm to the health of their children when they are fed into a large number of fast food.The latest research has shown that if a child up to three years to give the pizza, french fries, potato chips, cookies and burgers, the IQ level of his will be less than that of right-eating peers.

no secret that the first years of the child form the rest of his life.Even then it will start to eat healthy food, his mental faculties never recover, scientists warn.According to them, the difference in IQ level between the juvenile lover of fast food and ordinary child can reach five points.

study, for the first time shows the relationship of children's diet and level of development, conducted by specialists of the University of Bristol.They took into account factors such as family social class, education and age of the parents, the presence in the house educational toys and books.

"Good nutrition is crucial in the first three years of life when the brain is growing rapidly. Young childre

n are now eating foods with high fat and sugar, which are very few vitamins and nutrients. This means that their brains will never growto the optimum level, "- say the study authors.

To come to such a disappointing conclusion, researchers examined the diet of 14 thousand children born in the early 1990s.The work was published in the journal Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

According to scientists from the University of Bristol, children should eat fish, meat, fresh vegetables and fruits in large quantities.Then their mental development will match the rate.Preferred is home-cooked food, experts underline.

Recall recently Italian scientists from the University of Florence found that fast food does harm to the immune system.Power inhabitants of developed countries, full of sugar and fat, considerably reduces the number of beneficial bacteria, experts told.Without these microorganisms, which play an important role in the formation of immunity, people suffering from asthma, eczema and other allergies.It burgers doctors accused in the fact that over the past 20 years the number of allergy sufferers has increased almost three times, especially among children.