In the earthquake zone of hundreds of Russians were in New Zealand

the earthquake in New Zealand claimed the lives of at least 65 people, about 200 people may be under the rubble.Russian diaspora in Christchurch, where the earthquake occurred, employs several hundred people, among them victims of the data is not present, according to RIA "News" on Tuesday, the head of the consular department of the Russian embassy in Wellington Valery Martynov.

"In Christchurch, lives a small Russian diaspora -. A few hundred people, but until the embassy had no information about our compatriots, we hope to get it in the morning from the Ministry of Civil Defence in New Zealand - an analogue of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations", - he said.According to Martynov, the Russian Embassy in Wellington "has no plans to send staff to the scene of the tragedy."

In addition, he reported that the earthquake in Christchurch is not the first time."The tremors began in the city in September last year, then, by the way, there was an earthquake, even more than now, -.., 7.1 magnitude trem

ors since then has continued with a smaller force at intervals of two weeks, but, fortunately, one of these cases, no one was hurt, "- he said.

". But now the epicenter was located directly under the city at a very small depth earthquake occurred in the afternoon, when I went trucks and people were in the streets That's why this earthquake resulted in many casualties and destruction." - He said.

"The main blow fell on the central part of the city, where the building is very old, built mainly of brick and stone without considering seismic So it all and collapsed destroy even the central city cathedral, the main street of the city no longer exists.." -Martynov said.According to an employee of the Embassy, ​​"no one expected that the tremors will occur in this city."

"Christchurch is located in a peaceful area on the plain There's no crustal fault or joints of tectonic plates there are places in New Zealand, where an earthquake is much more likely.." - He said.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sent a telegram of condolences to the head of Government of New Zealand John Key, reported "Interfax" the presidential press service."With pain and anxiety to learn about befallen New Zealand disaster -. Strong earthquake that killed many people and which caused considerable damage Please convey my sincere condolences to the bereaved families and words of support to the victims," ​​- said in the telegram.

Medvedev said that "Russia is ready, if necessary, to provide New Zealand assistance in overcoming the consequences of the tragedy."At this point to the rescue of people trapped under the rubble, the authorities drew the military and accept the offer of assistance from Australia.

Currently in Christchurch Airport is closed, evacuated from the hospital, patients and staff.The power supply is carried out with significant interruptions, there were problems with the telephone.After the earthquake destroyed many buildings, fires broke out, who are trying to put out the helicopters, equipped with special tanks.

Residents from eyewitnesses say that in the middle of the streets lie the dead bodies, BBC said.Meanwhile, Dr. David Melof from Sydney, who, along with 400 colleagues, located in Christchurch at the conference, told how barely managed to escape from a collapsing the building, reports

"The noise was unbearable. I do not know where he was going, but there was a feeling that the window worked engine jet aircraft. The building started to shake, so that even if you have tried to get to his feet, then immediately fell back on the floor. Doctorswith the conference rushed to the lobby, and there on the floor already littered with broken glass and ceiling pieces. Running out onto the street, we saw other people who also purchased a building in complete disarray. The people were in a state of shock. Especially baffled water that beat. from the ground in the middle of the street there were whole lake, "- said Dr. Melof.

It is worth noting that the earthquake was so powerful that provoked the gathering of 30 million tons of ice from the Tasman Glacier.Up to two boats at the travelers who have stayed at a relatively safe distance, sunk waves up to 3.5 meters high, reports The New Zealand Herald.