Russia - a country of rapists , according to the UN

According to UN estimates, more than 90% of women in Russia are victims of domestic violence.This monstrous figure is obtained through calculation of all kinds of violence - from the physical to the economic, including psychological pressure.Every year in Russia by beating dies from 9 to 14 thousand. Women.According to experts, the problem lies in the patriarchal Russian society and the lack of development of social protection mechanisms.While steps are being made only in the field of children's rights.Recently, Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev said that the system will be established to counter domestic violence.Part of the police inspectors re-classified in the family, so that parents do not hurt children.Who will protect women remains voprosom.V during the sociological survey conducted in four cities in Russia (Moscow, Samara, Tula, Dubna), it was revealed the ratio of women and men to the problem of domestic violence against women, various forms of assistance to women in crisis situationsand the

degree of awareness of the consequences of domestic violence.According to the study, 90.7% of the women surveyed believe domestic violence is a very serious problem for Russia.In their view, violence woman faces almost every day.At the same time, 82.3% of male respondents indicated that domestic violence is a pressing issue for Russia, but it has no place in their own families.This study on the problem of domestic violence was conducted in July-December 2006 on the initiative of the Gender Theme Group of the United Nations system organizations, with the support of the United Nations Population Fund.

The main reason for this behavior on the part of offenders - impunity.It is well known that in the case of the beating victim prefer not to involve law enforcement in family affairs.This is not to blame only the police, the majority of victims of violence, even in the case of writing the statements to the police take him a few days later, citing the fact that reconciled with her husband or domestic partner.Sometimes the police have arrived on a call the neighbors are faced with the fact that the victim needs to leave her husband alone.Hence the reluctance of police officers to go into the family apart.In Russia lacks a legal framework to combat this barbaric phenomenon.

«A lot of the victims, who can not get any help, even in Moscow there is no refuge for victims of domestic violence", - told RBC daily coordinator of the crisis center "Anna" Irina Matvienko.According to her, after the United States passed a law on domestic violence, the number of murders has decreased in 30 times.Often women are caught on bait guilt complex.They think that if a man shows cruelty, so they deserve it.Especially by men after the act of violence is a demonstration of repentance.But usually, any displeasure in such a case is a cause and not the cause."Often, the victim blames herself that was happening to her, and takes on a serving role," - said Mrs. Matvienko.And violence is not the prerogative of the marginal families, higher education and high income is not a hindrance for the beating of their loved ones.

Another aspect of the problem is the low level of awareness, especially in rural areas, where violence is the norm.Experts darkly joke that is not as inform, since there is no support system for victims of violence - a sufficient number of crisis centers and shelters.Domestic violence reproduces itself, especially when the victims and witnesses are children.

According to the Interior Ministry, every year in Russia parents beat about 2 million children under the age of 14 years.More than 50 thousand. Children for a year run away from home to escape domestic violence, 7 thousand. Victims of sexual crimes."Men who have violence, thus demonstrating their power relations and the desire to control the woman, forcing her to be dependent and isolated," - said Mrs. Matvienko.According to her, who grew up in such families, boys perceive violence as a model on which to build, and their family relationships.Often a child who grew up in an atmosphere of fear and isolation, as a teenager kills "tormentor" of his mother.

To solve the problem, according to the researchers, it is necessary to improve legislation and to unite the efforts of law enforcement, social services, educational and medical institutions, as well as civil society institutions.