Zheldor instead subway

Transport collapse in Moscow can be predotvratitSkorostnye Railway Express, which for the locals actually become an analogue of the subway, will soon begin to walk with Savelovsky Moscow station to a remote area Beskudnikovo.In the future, high-speed connection will be established and the village of North.For these purposes, an additional path is already designed to Savelovsky direction.This project is the first sign of things to come in the transport structure of the capital.To let high-speed trains is much more profitable than to build a new metro line.

development of the subway in the capital simply not kept pace with the growth of the city's population and the increase in its area.Pull in the new district branch of the subway - it is a long and costly.In addition, many existing lines already overloaded.This situation puts the city on the verge of transport collapse.Any disruption in the movement of Blue Train on underground highways now lead huge human traffic jams in the subway.Thus Moscow still h

ad no real alternative to underground.Buses, trolleys and trams can not be considered as such because of the very heavy traffic on the streets.

At the same time Moscow Railway as major problems with traffic experienced.In addition, she has had and has great potential for the development of rail infrastructure.In most areas there is a possibility to build additional ways.This decided to use.Especially since the laying of the railway is cheaper than the subway.Yes, and work in theory go much faster.

«In cities all over the world rail - including rail - transport is developing very actively, - he told RBC daily, the president of the interregional public fund" Institute of the City "Vyacheslav Glazichev.- Express Train in Moscow today are really and should be an alternative to Metro, whose resources have long been exhausted.Especially since the development program of intercity passenger transportation by rail was developed in the 1970s. "

Currently, in addition to upgrading Savelovsky direction, which said in the administration of the Northern Administrative District of the capital, it is realistic to create the conditions for the movement of express trains on October, Riga and Smolensk areas and on the Small Ring of Moscow Circular Railway.This is in part to help solve the problem of congestion underground and make the road in many areas where it is missing, it is much easier and quicker.

Efficiency Railway Express in the current environment is high.This is evidenced by the experience of high-speed transport links with the nearest suburbs.On the route Moscow - Mytischi and Moscow - Lyubertsy - Ramenskoye passengers have the opportunity to drive not only fast, but also comfortable.These routes are very popular among millions of Muscovites and residents of the area from the time of their discovery.

would seem that the question of the beginning of the high-speed passenger traffic in Moscow is not shelved.However, the railway itself is nothing about the timing of the project on the road Savelovskaya not know.The press service told RBC daily MOR not only found it difficult to talk about when traffic can be opened, but said that they generally any information on this project is still lacking.Apparently, between the railway and the city authorities for the organization of coordination Express messages are still ongoing.If the process is delayed, the Muscovites will have to face serious traffic inconvenience indefinitely.