In 2011, in the south- east of Moscow will open a new metro station

opening of the station "Zhulebino" Violet Metro Line of the Moscow Metro is scheduled for 2011.According to the Department of Transport and Communications of the capital, is now the site of the project is a study of NIIP General Plan of Moscow and Metrogiprotrans, completion of these works is scheduled for 2009g.Vsego there are three pre-project.The first involves the construction of two stations, one of which - "Zhulebino" - located near the Kosino railway platform, while the second, which still has no name - at ul.Generala Kuznetsova in the Zhulebino.

We also consider the option of three stations - from Kosino platform near Hvalynski Boulevard and turn Lermontov Avenue on ul.Generala Kuznetsova.However, some of these options will be adopted, it will be known only after the approval of the project.

Recall that in accordance with the General Plan of Moscow Development up to 2025. Approved at the meeting of the government capital in December 2007. Just for this period should be constructed about 440 km

of subway lines.In the coming years it is planned to build sites "Pipe" - "Marina Grove" (2009). And "Marino" - "Zyablikovo" (2010). Lublin subway line."Volokolamsk" (2009.) - Also lots Mitinsko Stroginskaya-line, in particular section "Strogino" will be built.

in 2009.the new station "Technopark" on Zamoskvoretskaya line will be opened.In 2010.It is scheduled to open the second exits at the stations "Victory Park" and "Bauman".In the period from 2015.It must be built plot line Zamoskvoretskaya "Red Guard" - "Brateevo" with electrodepot, areas Butovskaya line "Starokachalovskaya" - "Bitsa Park" and "Bunin alley" - "Novokuryanovo" with electrodepot.

also planned to build a section of Lublin line, "Marina Grove" - ​​"Likhobory" with electrodepot, land-Mitinsko Stroginskaya line "Volokolamsk" - "Mitino" with electrodepot.Solntsevo line will be extended from the station "South West" to "Novoperedelkino", will be built areas Kalinin subway line from the station "Novogireevo" to "Buy" and Violet Metro Line in Zhulebino.Until 2015.It is scheduled to open the second exit at the station "Komsomolskaya" (ring).