In the supermarket hatched chick !

¬ęChildbirth" took one of the female employees of the supermarket Seversk (Tomsk Region), fasuya eggs in the back.When they opened the box with the product, within the crackle skorlupy.- Oh, look, yes there is a live chick!- I exclaimed fasovschitsa.Indeed in one of the recesses in the cell fragments of the shell stir yellow lump.

Confused store workers called the sales representative of Anastasia Fomicheva: it is - a mediator between the supermarket and poultry farms supplying eggs in Seversk.

- I took the video camera and ran to the store to get it all to film, - says Anastasia.- Is not the first year working with poultry farms Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions, but that is ...

Correspondent "KP" in the supermarket met ungraciously:

- We have no one to hatch!

Other shops also keep the defense: "Who?Chick?We did not have this! "Position traders understand."Delivery" in the supermarket - it is the chickens to laugh!And indeed is there any guarantee that the "bomb" in the shell are not planted compe

titors?Then dissolve the hearing, that the eggs are stored properly, so they are transformed into viviparous.

- Display the chicken is very difficult, - explains Alexander Tabakaev, head of the State Veterinary Service Seversk.- The egg must be fertilized.21 days it is necessary to keep the room at a temperature of not less than 30 at a certain humidity ...

If the store and could be born chick, then, according to animal husbandry Anton Savelyev, unless of incubator and production plants at the poultry farm to mixed eggs.Hatched chick can only incubator eggs.But the supermarket is almost unreal.

However, says Anastasia, wonderful chicken is still alive.He took to his compassionate saleswoman.Kid stronger and slowly gaining weight.Eat cottage cheese, egg yolk, and does not know that due to his inflamed such passions.


chicken similar story has already been described in the literature.The well-known children's author Nikolay Nosov in the 50-ies of the last century, published a story "Funny family".Heroes of the book - the city boys, who decided to bring the chicks in the incubator, which is made from a cardboard box and a desk lamp.So, in the book of the experiment was a success: the chicks were born safely.However, the boys enough of hardship for the whole incubation period ...