The construction of social housing reduces the market supply

In January-February 2008.housing prices rose by 10% in Moscow.Most of the surveyed experts believe that the capital becoming more expensive apartments, because less of the housing is for sale.Today, more housing under construction enters the state social fund programm.Esli few years ago, the share of this sector amounted to 25-30%, today the share of social housing is equal to 50% of new housing in Moscow.As a result, there is limited supply and rising prices.This opinion was expressed RBC-TV broadcast in the program "In Focus," the head of the analytical center of IRN.RU Oleg Repchenko.

Another factor is the growth of prices on metropolitan housing - the lack of land in Moscow and Moscow region.Today, the land in Moscow freed by the demolition of dilapidated housing, which is built on the site of high-rise buildings, as well as the development of industrial zones.As the financial adviser to the president and Construction Corporation "Leader" Gregory Altukhov in the near future will be to develop satel

lite towns of Moscow - Krasnogorsk, Odintsovo, Shcherbinka, with the existing infrastructure.In the future, when the land in these cities will gradually be exhausted, which has already been observed in Odintsovo, will gradually be built up the empty land around them already.

"sharp decline in prices for apartments will not, simply because there are no preconditions to its cheaper. Who will the new splash. It's hard to predict that we will see the end of the year. The greater the drift and the more will be built, the greater will be feltshortage of land in Moscow, which will push rates (up), "- said the expert RBC-daily Natalia Kopeychenko.

Today, the average price per square meter in Moscow is about 5 thousand. USD., And the price differentiation is large enough.Within the Moscow square meter apartments in the secondary market is more than 4 thousand dollars outside the Moscow Ring Road -.... 3 thousand dollars square meter of new housing is not less than 7-10 thousand dollars for 1 sq...m. In addition, our housing analysts say that prices for luxury housing in Moscow and London are comparable.According to the portal Global Property, the price of a "square" housing in London is 21,8 - 36,2 thousand dollars

Meanwhile, experts note that speculative transactions on purchase of apartments will no longer pushing up housing prices, as it was in..2005-2006., when about a third of property bought for the purpose of resale.Now, as G.Altuhov estimates, about 10-15% of housing purchased for investment purposes.And buying an apartment in Moscow (especially business-class housing) is seen as an asset that can be bought to save money, but without the super-profits.

According to preliminary estimates of experts, the prices for Moscow real estate will grow by 15-20%.But given the fact that the Moscow housing market "mosaic" in the most prestigious areas of the prices may go up by 25%.

From an investment point of view, special attention should be paid to the suburban real estate market - cottage villages, townhouses, which can be resold with a significant bonus.Some estimate that you can earn 40% per annum in case of successful investing in the suburban real estate market.It should take into account the accessibility of cottage settlements, the timing of the announced projects.