LiveJournal users on trial for insulting the police network

Syktyvkar musician Savva Terentyev was charged under Russia's first criminal case brought on the fact of a comment in the internet blog, radio station "Echo of Moscow" .S.Terentev charged under the article on inciting ethnic, racial or religious hatred for negative statementsaddress law enforcement officers.

prosecution musician investigation filed on the basis of the examination, which was conducted in the Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Komi Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to the findings Experts comment that the musician left in the blog of one of the users of LiveJournal, aimed at inciting hatred and humiliation of a group of persons as belonging to a social group that has been made public, using the media.

The ruling said that Terentyev committed an intentional crime: using a computer and a modem, tried to stir up hatred and hostility to the social group - the police.

Savva Terentyev himself said that he did not agree with the charges.He noted that

it is not sure of the competence of the people who carried out the examination.

Recall that the proceedings against the musician began about a year ago, when the blog of one of the journalists appeared Syktyvkar comment of one of the bloggers with harsh statements in the address of the police.

After some time, the police have conducted a search in the apartment Savva Terentyev, which seized the system unit with floppy disks.

Savva Terentyev could face a large fine or imprisonment for up to two years.Nevertheless, the criminal investigation extended until 2 March.The investigation ordered by the new socio-humanitarian expert at the Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Komi Scientific Center of RAS.Previously, scientists of the Institute of Syktyvkar has conducted examination of the text attributed to the user terentyev.However, when the investigators are not satisfied with the results of the local experts.