The Russians offered their version of the school schedule

Only one in five Russians supported the implementation of the project of a new educational standard which halves the school curriculum.As evidenced by a survey conducted by VTsIOM, the majority of citizens believe that the algebra, the Russian language, literature and history should be studied by all students without exception.

According to sociologists, only 22% of respondents agree that high school students and their parents can choose their own subjects for in-depth study, in addition to the mandatory items.Among survey participants who have minor children, the level of adoption of the program slightly higher - 24%.

transition to a new system of training was supported, above all, young Russians - 29% of young people surveyed.Among affluent reform supported by 28%.Supporters of the project among active Internet users had accumulated more than a quarter - 26%.Among the Moscow and St. Petersburg "for" and 26% were in favor.

More than half of Russians (of 51%) are inclined to the negative assessment o

f the legislative initiative.Against new educational standards were primarily men mature (25 - 44 years) age, they had accumulated 57%.We do not agree with innovations and medium-sized towns - 61% of the number of citizens polled.

In addition, the Russians preferred to retain in the mandatory school curriculum subjects such as algebra, the Russian language, history and literature.For them voted by 42% to 70%.Fans of Foreign Languages, Geography and Informatics accumulated significantly less -.. (28%, 12% and 11%, respectively, least frequently as compulsory subjects, respondents pointed to physical education, biology, chemistry, economics and social studies in support of these subjects in favor of 3% to 6% of total respondents.

Recall, the authors of the draft law "on education" was offered as part of reforms to move with the German model of education in the Anglo-Saxon. According to this idea, subjects in the senior classes canceled, and instead students will be engaged in individual projects. The proposed educationalstandard will enable high school students to choose not only the objects, but also the level of their study -. profile, basic or integrated

As stated by the representatives of the ruling party "United Russia", the new reform is aimed at instilling in young people a sense of patriotism project was uniquely met by experts and the public.and it caused a lot of criticism.

opinion poll was conducted 19 - 20 February 2011.Pollsters interviewed 1,6 thousand people in 138 settlements in 46 regions and republics of Russia.The maximum statistical error - 3.4%.