Earth began to destroy mankind

Scientists say that the Earth has entered an active phase of the seismic cycle.The number of earthquakes is increasing every year, and the element of water, disturbed the earth's surface vibrations, could jeopardize the welfare of the human tsivilizatsii.Uchenye say that the Earth has entered an active phase of the seismic cycle.The number of earthquakes is increasing every year, and the element of water, disturbed the earth's surface vibrations, could jeopardize the welfare of human civilization.

Commenting sharply increased incidence of earthquakes, experts say that the planet entered the "amazing" phase of the seismic cycle.In her account, and include loss of life and extensive destruction of the already knocked down the economy of some countries.

Recall that last year the planet stir up a whole series of powerful vibrations of the earth's crust.In mid-January 2010 an earthquake of magnitude 7 occurred on the island of Haiti.In late February, the cataclysm struck Chile - force of tremors was 8.8 on

the Richter scale.In September, a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7 occurred in New Zealand.A month later is whole series of aftershocks with magnitude of about 7 points swept across Indonesia, and then were added to the country's disaster eruption and tsunami.Shortly before the natural disaster in Japan, the effects of seismic activity felt the people of China.

According to the scientists, after the devastating earthquake, March 9 cripple the Japanese islands, the world will have to go through many more underground beats high power."Now there aftershock - a series of final shock that may last from a few days to a few years", - said in an interview with "Novye Izvestiya" Deputy Director for Science Institute of the Earth's Crust Cyril Levy.

Experts note that 95% of all earthquakes falls on the Pacific ring and affect mainly the different islands.Mainland gets, on average, 5% of the total number of aftershocks.However, an increase in seismic activity may not affect the mainland life.It is expected that by 2018 there will be strong earthquake in the west of the United States, India, Kyrgyzstan, and even in central Russia.According to head of the Laboratory of Regional Geology and tectonophysics Pacific Institute FEB RAS Valery Abramov, the number of earthquakes in the coming years, particularly strong in the central United States, as well as in the Caucasus.

In turn, the deputy director of the Institute of Earth Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences Yevgeny Rogozhin predicts a high probability of strong earthquakes on the territory of the North Kuriles and Kamchatka in the next two years.In an interview with reporters scientist recalled that in earthquake zones on the territory of Russia come to cities such as Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Irkutsk, as well as a number of major cities in Siberia.

By a strange coincidence, either naturally, but is accompanied by a series of disasters special astronomical phenomena.For some time before the Japanese disaster, scientists have warned of impending earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions in connection with the lunar perigee, which falls on 19 March.On the day of "Supermoon" of our planet will be selected satellite to the Earth as close as possible for nearly 20 years.

Other scientists said that a series of earthquakes, more likely, is connected with the solar activity.Others noted the shift of Earth's axis tilt, which, in turn, in their unanimous opinion, will lead to global climate change."The climate has become more extreme, so increasingly possible to observe the heat or cold in the areas for which the weather is unusual, - said the head of the climate program of the World Wildlife Fund in the Russian Federation Alexey Kokorin

According to specialists, in the last 15 years, typhoons, floods., severe storms and other weather events began to occur twice as frequently Any strong earthquake -. regardless of whether it takes place on the mainland of the earth or under the ocean thickness - is the water mass movement in this regard, some experts have predicted a planet water.Armageddon, which the first sign was the devastating tsunami in Japan, Indonesia and Thailand.

not added peace of mind and projections about the possible man-made disaster. on it is clearly pointed out the tragedy in Japan, where the natural disaster triggered a large-scale nuclear power plant accident.

However,apocalyptic expectation is not shared by all researchers.Scientists, skeptics say that, despite the existence of the nuclear threat and other threats to human existence, it is unlikely they will be global."In my lifetime many times had come to an end, that trust each message - a more expensive, after all, our planet have repeatedly experienced major disasters -. And survive in them" - soothes Professor of Geography Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Kochurov.

Meanwhile, last night on the planet a new wave of earthquakes.On the border of the Amur and the Yakutian regions Russian seismologists recorded several aftershocks force 4.9 on the Richter scale at 268 km north-west from the city of Tynda.Re-magnitude earthquake occurred in the morning 2 in the village yukta.

New tremors and disturbed the Japanese island of Honshu, has suffered from the natural disaster that struck Japan a week ago.Three tremors of magnitude 4.8 to 5 were reported today in the morning, at 03:31, 4:01 and at 04:05 (21:31, 22:01, and 22:05 on Thursday MSK), RIA "Novosti".

Earlier fluctuations in the earth's surface disturbed residents of Chile.Posts about the devastation, casualties or tsunami threat, fortunately, did not arrive.