Russians will be taught not to pay on loans

March 30, Union of Lawyers of Moscow held a round table devoted to the creation of the Board of Trustees with him to help debtors.The lawyers agreed that the "source of debt for individuals is always either total ignorance or too deep knowledge."In the first case, a person is not able to calculate how much money he is willing to pay a monthly loan

a result, tens of millions of Russians were in debt bondage.The second option, is extremely rare - it is too profound knowledge, which allows citizens deliberately preying on banks.

lawyer Yaroslav Kovalev expressed a common position: "The debt taken as a result of ignorance, non-refundable This is quite morally.".The lawyers admitted that they can learn to get away from any creditor of the debtor.Here are just ordinary people do not use the services of lawyers - they have there is no money.Sufferers who have addressed the board of trustees, lawyers will help free of charge."In our country there is no bankruptcy procedure of physical persons, - said the dir

ector of law firm" Ogorodnikov and partners "Igor Ogorodnikov -. Period But set -. Two months if during that time the bailiff could not find the debtor has no assets, so thatnothing should not. "

One of the initiators of the board of trustees - a former collector Alexei Kolov.It's just a tortured conscience: "A man asked me: me, to be hung up I said to him: Yes, hung He said. I go to rob and kill I prompted: yes, rob and kill."People hung, and debts to banks and did not return: "The money is either there or not, all the rest - talk."

General Director of JSC "Independent Debt Management Agency" Nikolai Ivanov said that to increase the financial literacy of the population four years ago, the government had allocated $ 113 million.Of these, $ 98 million has not been mastered - no one offered any suitable program."The aim of our advice - to offer the government an option to work with the population, now one can not and does not want to help," - said Ivanov.

lawyers are quite different to the corporate debt - by the way, since 2008, they have increased six-fold - from $ 50 billion to $ 300 billion.And most of these debts - common in our country, fraud, scams and that is not considered."Create a new company, it is transferred to all of the assets and the debts are left on the old, thrown contractors in Russia to destroy someone else's business -. It is normal," - Nikolai Ivanov stated.This spoils the image of the Russian business and deters foreign capital.Therefore, the task of the board of trustees - to help ordinary citizens, and companies found to be in bad faith, to hang out, "the board of shame", that is, to publish information about them in the media.

"Every Russian citizen has the right to a warm home, food, the opportunity to teach their children the country then we will be right." - Said the repentant former collector Kolov.The only thing that is a bit confusing lawyers - is that they are inconsistent with the state ideology."Government policy -. Drive all into debt For all calculations, the revolution was to take place in Russia two years ago, it does not occur only through loans Almost every family has today -.. A mortgage or consumer loan People think to repay debts, they have no time to think about the barricades known truth:. hungry servant thinks about food, full - of freedom ", - said Igor Ogorodnikov.

lawyers understand that is unlikely to change the situation with the help of the board of trustees, when all the posters calling for "Take the credit!".The present generation can not be saved.Only one thing - to go to schools and explain to children that the debt can not be taken.Never, under any circumstances.