" Dragon " blew holiday village

Ā«Unidentified aircraft dropped about 15.00 on a country farm Ponds (Istra district) two bombs.A fire broke out "- literally shouting Internet.Immediately I fell down version: a) Aircraft terrorists tried to drop a bomb on Moscow, but his puganuli and he bombed where necessary.

b) Unknown avialihach, dissecting paragliding, show off and let a couple of flares on the neighbor.

But aliens, hooligans and terrorists were innocent.It's okay - Star Wars is not started, Mars does not attack.

rustle put things military!

Trained Army Corps of Engineers in Nakhabino area.

Well, in the course of exercises off course two missiles for breaching minefields and ended up in a private home holiday Ozerki village.

Dacha partially blown, it caught fire, but the fire quickly extinguished the hosts and neighbors - to call the fire department did not have to.

victims, fortunately, no.This was "KP" has officially informed the Ministry of Defence.

Together with vacationers in relief crossed.But osadochek remained: the r

ocket-how come from?

turned out not exactly rocket and charges which the troops called "snake dragon."

usually for "snakes Dragon" reaches a sort of "cable" out of explosives.Jet engines dragged him through the minefields, then blow up the cable, and the passage is formed - at least for the tanks, at least for the infantry.But

cables come off, jet engines, and went for a walk with a polygon directly to the dachas.

engines themselves do not contain any explosives (as jet fuel burns during the flight).

Ministry of Defense has committed to reimburse the owner of the house all the losses.

Experts believe that the incident happened for two reasons.Firstly, the "Dragon" and the cables were out of date, and professionals responsible for their technical condition, in good faith check the technical condition of devices.

Secondly, is there another problem: the construction of cottage areas around military units and aerodromes.So-called exclusion zone (read - "security zone" around the landfill) are now often sold by the local authorities under the chalet and cottage areas.

at the airfield in Zhukovsky, for example, pilots have repeatedly complained about the dominance of truckers who crept almost to the runway.So you never know what can go fly a landfill!

In general, the benefit of that in the landfill limits are not flown cables warheads.They are designed to blow on the 100 m to 6 m.A mass of 1380 kilograms a single charge.

That would have boomed!

FORMER anecdote in the subject

- Look, Mykola, and how much is the atomic bomb?

- So one's, Panas, a hundred billion dollars!

- Oh!That would have fallen to me in the garden!