To give birth and be born is not profitable in Russia

"We wanted the best, it turned out as always".The famous aphorism of Viktor Chernomyrdin could not be more accurately describes the process of official control for demographic problems in Russia.A few years ago, when introduced maternity capital and payment of one and a half years for child care, experts have warned that the government got down to business at the wrong end.To make a successful, active people having children, need tax breaks.And on such incentives could respond, mostly poor, are often not able to independently put on their own offspring feet.

What is the outcome?Born in the wake of reforms grown children, and to care for them payments ended.Some time ago the airwaves flooded with stories about how at quite respectable mothers - no drinking, do not walk, just the poor - take away the children and determined in shelters because their parents can not provide them with a normal existence.Take care of a child under such state was much easier than to help his family.Demographic program failed

miserably, despite the formal increase in the number of children.

give birth still extremely disadvantageous to Russia.This is confirmed by the Economic Research Center report, "RIA-Analysis" prepared by the end of 2010.According to the report, almost half of Russian regions the average family (two children and two dependent parents who receive an average salary for your region) is on the brink of survival."Two salaries barely enough to need four subsistence minimum for a family residue in 36 regions does not exceed ten thousand And this despite the fact that the cost of living in our country -.. Value of more than modest, and a stretch characteristic biological survival rate -analysts clarify -. Naturally, about any savings, mortgage and everything else out of the question in such a situation can not be. "

If not threaten to large expenses (housing, car) and do not take out loans, the average for Russia in the standard monthly family remain free 19.3 thousand. Rub.- 16.6% more than the year before.At first glance, the amount acceptable.But, as usual, the average temperature in the hospital.The figure is deceptive as highly distorted high rates of Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the oil-producing regions, the study notes.In 63 of the 83 regions below the average result and only 16 - above.

The most difficult situation in the Altai Territory.He won first place in the ranking by the level of distress.After the cost of living wage standard in the Altai family of four remains in the hands of less than 1.5 thousand. Rubles.But what is remarkable: according to German researchers, it is here (along with most of the Central Asian republics, as well as other regions of Russia, such as Chechnya and Tuva), the birth rate is quite high - an average of 2.78 children per woman.However, nothing surprising.The fact that the poor are more likely to reproduce the rich - known fact clearly shown by the example of the African continent and a number of Asian countries.No wonder the authors of the study point out that the rate of these regions is comparable to the performance of North Africa.Another question is, what will be the quality of life of these children and what kind of society eventually receive state.