Dmitry Medvedev instructed to test students for drugs .Federal Drug Control Service approved

Dmitry Medvedev on Monday in Irkutsk State Council Presidium meeting devoted to the problem of drug addiction among the Russian youth.Opening it, the president said that he sees progress in the fight against drugs authorities, and announced several initiatives that affect students.

"Despite the fact that the subject has received increased attention, acts of State Anti-Drug Committee, almost a year ago adopted state anti-drug policy strategy until 2020, changes for the better is, of course, very, very few", - quotes the head of state RIA "Novosti".

He cited data that there are about 2.5 million drug addicts in Russia."A terrible figure, of course with 70% -. It is young people under 30 years, even more serious figure - he said -. What is particularly difficult in the past is literally five years, the bottom bracket the age at which drugs are beginning to try, dropped to a catastrophic level- 11-12 years old, are students of 5-6 grades. "

According to Medvedev, the drugs affect the demographic situatio

n in the country, destroying the gene pool of the nation.Every year, according to estimates of law enforcement agencies, more than 200 thousand crimes associated with drug trafficking."At the same time, those who use drugs, do not take part in any work, in any creative work - he said -. The result is that the economic losses, according to analysts, up to 2-3% of GDP."

President proposed the adoption of a law allowing to test students for drugs, and it should not be taken at the regional level and at the federal level."I believe that, unfortunately, the situation is such that we may have to go down this path. On this issue, it is time to make a decision. And the decision may not be Kaluga and Ryazan, can not be Irkutsk, it should be taken at.. Otherwise, the level of federal legislation we put all schools at a disadvantage it is time to be a worst case scenario, "- he said.

Head of State recalled that the practice of testing students in schools in the region have already tried out, but not all parents are favorably received such testing children."Most of the objections justified the ethical requirements and the need to respect the right to privacy," - he explained."Meanwhile, parents who have experienced the tragedy of degradation and death of their children from drugs, understand the importance of early testing", - quotes the president of ITAR-TASS.

Director Viktor Ivanov, the Russian Federal Service for Drug Control (Federal Drug Control Service) supported this idea, suggesting, for its part, is to carry out testing in the framework of the clinical examination.According to him, this may not even require "excessive regulatory control over federal legislation: sufficient joint act of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health."However, these departments need additional expertise that can only be provided by law.

Some schools Medvedev proposed the creation of anti-drug courses."It is very important to strengthen the work in schools, institutions of primary and secondary specialized vocational education and universities Maybe there is a reason to consider the inclusion of specific courses in education programs, particularly in disadvantaged areas and in those schools where the observed bursts of drug use." -he said.Visiting

before the meeting of the Irkutsk Center for prevention and rehabilitation of drug dependence, the head of state stressed that "the test - this is not a punitive measure, as a measure of deterrence", and expressed the opinion that in such a test would be particularly interested in the prestigious private schools."They certainly especially cherish their image, and, of course, at a minimum, such testing prevents drug use to develop a habit," - he said.

Medvedev threatened to Internet sites that promote drug

President instructed to create a state system to monitor the situation with drug use in the country, which will make it possible to obtain reliable data on the prevalence of drug use among young people and to adjust prevention activities."Most civilized countries constantly fighting against this evil, and we must do it" - he said.

Medvedev also called for strengthening the fight against drug propaganda in the information environment."Promotion of drug use - is a crime and a felony, and, if you will, a moral crime in certain information media, this popularization, its level, or rather, just rolls." - Was quoted as "Interfax".

For example, he said, "if you take the Internet, the number of sites that openly advertise drugs on those calculations, that is, more than 10 thousand.""Of course, this brings its destructive role," - said the head of state.

One of the important activities of Medvedev called the treatment, rehabilitation and the return of people who use drugs, to a normal life in society."The demand for such services is now far exceeds the capabilities of state structures", - he said.- In addition, the degradation of the drug treatment of medical institutions in recent years has led to the fact that only 2% of patients after treatment abstain from drugs "

President considers it necessary to create a complete and modern system of medical and social rehabilitation of drug addicts, paying special attention to.. on minors "national standards for the provision of such services should be developed, and it is a huge amount of work, so today we have to decide on priorities," - says he

. "One of them is obvious - it is the introduction of innovative methods of medical and social rehabilitation", - stressed the President. "in addition, the working group proposes to consider a new, comprehensive model to combat the demand for drugs, including the development of a system of measures on formation in drug users motivation to liberation from drug addiction", - he reminded

for this meeting of the State Council working group produced a report., which states that the extent of drug abuse in Russia pose a threat to national security.It provides data showing that the number of officially registered drug addicts has increased by 9 times and is more than 600 thousand people in five years.The actual number of drug users in the country is estimated at about 2.5 million people - almost 2% of the population.Basically, these are young people.

According to the police, 53% of the perpetrators of the 2010 crimes related to drug trafficking, - under the age of 30 years, said experts in the report.Economic damage from anesthesia Russia is about 1 trillion rubles, or more than 2% of GDP per year.