Names of the Minsk terrorists

make public the names of the three perpetrators of the tragedy in the Minsk metro on 11 April.According to the portal, the organizers of the terrorist attack resonant steel classmates from Vitebsk - 25-year-old Dmitry Konovalov and Kovalev Vlad - as well as 28-year-old mechanic on Medvedev names.The suspects have already confessed to committing a terrorist act in the "October" station, and took responsibility for the bombings in Vitebsk in 2005 and in Minsk in July 2008.

As the newspaper writes, Konovalov and Kovalev in the school were inseparable friends.Studied weak in relation to other students behaved closed.After high school, they came together in a vocational school.Before finalizing, my friends got a job as a mechanic at the Vitebsk Plant of Tractor Parts, where he met with the third delayed by the explosion at the metro station the case of "October".

"After they were arrested, they passed another accomplice, also a locksmith plant of tractor parts His name Medvedev He helped them t

inkering explosives -.. Told a source in law enforcement Belarus authorities -. He was detained by KGB officers now in the factory tested.searches and interrogations. to find out who of the workers could be aware of the plans to the explosion. "

clandestine laboratories for the manufacture of explosive substances accomplices staged in the basement of the house where the family lived them - in the 1st alley Repin in Vitebsk.During the search at this address law enforcement officers found a ready-made explosives, as well as 200 pieces of bearings and valves that plumbers dragged from the factory.

terrorist attack on the "Oktyabrskaya" subway station took place on April 11th.The bomb, packed with nails, metal balls and pieces of rebar, 11 people were killed on the spot and two others died in hospital, about 200 were wounded.Prosecutor General of the Republic qualified the incident as a terrorist act.

April Thirteenth President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has announced the disclosure attack in the result of operative actions of the Belarusian secret services.perpetrators of terrorist acts calculated on a phone call, which he did shortly before the explosion.After that, the first suspects were detained.

According to investigators, the explosion of organized migrants from Vitebsk region.It was reported that five people, including one woman arrested on charges of terrorist attack.The names of the detainees were not disclosed, but reporters were told that they worked as a turner and fitter at the industrial enterprise.On offense, they have gone from a sense of hostility to the people, and the aim of the terrorists was "to kill as many people."

Currently in Minsk hospitals are 142 victims of the explosion.According to the Belarusian Ministry of Health, 20 people are in serious condition, in a state of moderate severity - 21, 101 people are being treated for light injuries.

And over the weekend, Alexander Lukashenko said that during the investigation of the terrorist act detained people, because of which was not negligence prevented the explosion.According to the President, these people will be arrested and interrogated like criminals.

Recall explosive device worked in Vitebsk September 23, 2005 at one of the discos of the city.A homemade bomb was disguised as a beer can, and contained a small metal objects.As a result of the explosion about 50 people were injured.

A blast in Minsk thundered July 4, 2008 during a gala concert at the stela "Minsk - Hero City".As a result, affected 54 people.The incident was classified as "hooliganism", the organizers were not found.