What can we expect from the of 2008

in Russia Russia

in Russia in 2008 declared the Year of the Family.The corresponding decree was signed by Vladimir Putin.Chairman of the organizing committee for the family, he was appointed First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

On January 1, 2008:

The merger of Irkutsk region and Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomous Okrug will be a new subject of the Russian Federation.

period of compulsory military service in the Russian Federation will be reduced to 12 months.In reality, it will affect only those who will be called as part of the spring draft (starting 1 April).The diet of the Russian soldiers will have more meat, fish, eggs and cheese.New rations serviceman will be more balanced while maintaining a calorie.The rations reduced fats, coffee appears to become less bread and cereals.

Children and pregnant wife of Russian servicemen will receive cash benefits - 14,000 rubles as a lump sum for women and 6,000 rubles a month for children up to the age of three years.

Increase unemployment benefits.The

Russian government has set for the year 2008 the minimum amount of unemployment benefits at the level of 770 rubles.The maximum amount of unemployment benefits for the coming year is three thousand 80 rubles.

will operate the new scheme of drug reimbursement (DLO) preferential categories of Russian citizens.DLO will be divided into two components, one of which will carry out the federal center, and the second - the subjects of the Federation.At the expense of the federal budget will be funding of expensive drugs for the treatment of seven very serious disease, identified in a separate group.

Penalties for serious traffic violations increase sharply.Furthermore, the drivers will be subjected to administrative detention.For drivers who are already disenfranchised to drive the car, will be detained for up to 15 days, and in case of refusal to undergo medical examination term of arrest will increase.Deliver the offender in court GAI inspectors will have the right to directly to the place of detention.

price of liquefied petroleum gas for household needs will grow by more than 30% - up to 4500 rubles per ton, and OAO "Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant" (UAZ) will raise prices on all of its vehicles by 10-20 thousand.

in Sochi will start to operate a simplified procedure for land acquisition.The President signed the Olympic Law.Most of it is devoted to the order of seizure of land plots on which in 2014 will build the Olympic facilities.


year 2008 was declared the UN International Year of the Potato (International Year of the Potato), Year of Planet Earth (International Year of Planet Earth) and Year of Sanitation (International Year of Sanitation).

From 1 January:

EU Presidency passes from Portugal to Slovenia (for the next 6 months).

Cyprus and Malta will join the zone of the single European currency (euro).

In the UK, begins implementation of a new "points" system of evaluation of migrant workers who intend to enter the country, Prince William will start four-month service in the Royal

Navy officially become effective powers of the new Secretary General of ASEAN Surin Pitsuwan.57-year-old Pitsuwan served as foreign minister of Thailand from 1997 to 2001 and then was a member of the National Legislative Assembly of Thailand.

Command naval forces of NATO Response Force (NATO Response Force - NRF) for six months enters France

in Moscow and the Moscow region from 1 January

increase the rate of material and cash security of orphans and children left without parental care underguardianship (trusteeship) in foster families and family-type orphanages.

Moscow authorities are planning to establish a one-time allowance in the amount of 10 thousand inhabitants of the region at the birth of their first child.Also in the field will increase the monthly child allowance: from 300 to 500 rubles.

In the suburbs will increase the salary of teachers, doctors, workers of culture and sports institutions.The size of salaries (wages) of managers and teaching staff of educational institutions (53.9 thousand. People) will increase by an average of 25%

medical outpatient clinics, hospitals, health posts felshersko 20-25%, nursingpersonnel - by 10-20%.

fare passengers on buses, trolley buses and trams municipal posts in the suburbs will rise by 2 rubles and 17 rubles will be, regardless of the length of the route.For passengers travel on commuter routes in buses and trolley buses, depending on the distance of travel in the lap tariffs will be charged 17 rubles for 5 kilometers, and over an interval of more than 5 kilometers - 3 rubles for each tariff zone.

fare on public transport in Moscow on the New Year will increase by about 2 rubles, that is by 13-15% from the current value

movement opens on a new cable-stayed bridge - spectacular - over Moscow River in Moscow's Krylatskoye.