Drivers are allowed to drink

Maximum permissible blood alcohol content consolidate zakonodatelno.V near future Russia may allow drivers to drink alcohol.At yesterday's press conference the deputy head of the Department of Road Safety (DOBDD) Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kuzin, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Health Ministry are preparing a new decision on the certification of drunk drivers.It is assumed that the maximum allowable rate of content in the driver's blood alcohol concentration will be 0.3 ppm.According to Vladimir Kuzin, new rules can come into force from July 1, 2008.

news of the introduction of the maximum permissible blood alcohol content of the driver, experts perceived ambiguously."Let them try to take this first rate, and we then say that all this is nonsense" - told the "Gazeta" one of the drug treatment, who asked not to be named.

Meanwhile, similar rules apply in many EU countries.For example, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Germany, the permissible level of alcohol in the bl

ood is 0.5 ppm.In France and Great Britain - 0.8.

«It's great that now it will be enshrined in law and in Russia, because the current wording about the residual effects sounds very vague, hence the numerous bribes," - says the chairman of the central council of interregional trade union of professional drivers Alexander Kotov.According to him, the new decree should also register and a list of medical institutions in which it would be permitted to carry out the inspection of drivers."Today, often happens is that the inspectors are bused drivers in" their "clinic, which sits some kind of nurse who writes in the report that they have", - said Alexander Kotov.

As explained yesterday, Vladimir Kuzin, examination process may take place in the automatic mode."The new regulation will provide certification of drivers in the health authorities and the staff of traffic police", - Kuzin said.Survey on the site will be through the new alcotester, which is supposed to equip all inspectors.Upgraded appliances are equipped with the function of memory and mini-printers."Upon delivery of the device to the duty of the traffic police will be shot memory, and the number of surveys should correspond to the number made up of acts.The degree of intoxication will be determined taking into account the error of the instrument ", - explained Kuzin.However, as explained by the correspondent "Newspapers" leader of the social movement of motorists' freedom of choice "Vyacheslav Lysakov, be careful to blow into a tube."Firstly, it is necessary to make sure that the device has all the necessary certificates

Secondly, you should always remember that you have the right to insist on the examination in a medical institution.But in any case it is impossible to abandon the examination at all: it is almost a 100 per cent divestment in court ", - he reminded.According Lysakova, when communicating with the inspector should be careful: often at refusing to blow into a tube in place give the driver to sign a "protocol", which is actually a rejection of your examination at a medical facility