Carefully , the bacteria !

2008 Olympics threatened by bioterrorism and food otravleniyaOlimpiade 2008 threaten bioterrorism and food poisoning

In French Lyon was held on the initiative of the Interpol antiterrorist conference entitled "Black Death."The experts gathered at this forum, talked about the high probability of use of biological weapons during the Olympic Games in Beijing.In particular, this danger has warned the secretary general of the international police organization, Ronald Noble.However, the summer Games of 2008 threatens not only terrorism, but also unsanitary.

Most likely, according to the Interpol, during the Beijing Olympics, terrorists try to spread some deadly virus.The terrorist attack using biological weapons, according to the secretary general of Interpol, does not require any special training or a lot of money, no laboratories with modern equipment.Spray malicious microbes in the stadium filled very easily with the help of items that no one will not cause suspicion."We may be faced with the worst poss

ible scenario in which terrorists spread a huge amount of deadly bacteria through the so-called horns and pipes commonly used for noisy fans support.Those are the horns and flutes, which are including children.As a result, many victims will be guaranteed, "the population and dangerous panic in society - said Noble in Lyon.

While such a scenario more like a computer-simulated situation or on the subject of the new thriller.However, the reality of the threat of biological weapons in the Olympic Beijing confirms the information available not only at Interpol.Indonesian police have arrested several members of a terrorist organization linked to "Al Qaeda".It is reported that in the house of one of the drawings of the stadiums were found detained and sports facilities in Beijing, as well as management, which focuses on how to distribute the gases and biological weapons more effective."We should not be misled and to treat this terrible scenario, as some very distant future - warns Noble.- This is a very close reality, and we must be ready for it. "

Immediately after the conference in Lyon Interpol leaders staged a two-day exercise on reflection bioterrorist attack.The participants were law enforcement officers from nine countries as well as representatives of the European Council, Europol and several UN agencies.

In Beijing, however, believe that the terrorist attacks, despite the difficult international situation, on the Chinese Olympics will not.While there and recognize that provide all, of course, impossible.All the more that the experts have calculated that in the arsenal of the terrorists is about 300 a variety of ways to attack (!).But the organizers of the Games 2008 are taking unprecedented, according to them, the security measures.The successful implementation of the largest sporting event in the world attaches great importance to China.The Olympics is intended to strengthen the country's image as an emerging superpower.However, information about how will protect athletes and visitors to the Chinese capital, is classified.In press leak only fragmentary messages.For example, a lot of talk about a rapid reaction detachment of 150 experts in martial arts, counter-terrorism, riot and kidnapping.Security costs will amount to 300 million. dollars, that is almost one fifth of all the Olympic Games budget.To protect the Games will be 90-100 thousand. Police.And that, apart from a few tens of thousands of soldiers and officers specially created military group, which includes units of all arms.It is worth mentioning about the familiar older generation of Russians militias, whose members can be identified by red armbands.

By the way, note that the previous summer Olympic Games in Athens, where there were no terrorist attacks, the security had spent a record 1.5 billion. Dollars, which is five times more than in Sydney 2000 and Beijing.The organizers of the 2008 Games, claiming that the big difference between them and the Athenian costs of security due to the fact that the capital of China - land the city, and it does not need to be protected from the sea.Meanwhile, unlike other Greek Olympic organizing committees resorted to the services of specialists in the fight against terrorism from different countries - in particular the US, UK and Israel.Rest of hundreds of thousands of viewers and 10.5 thousand. Athletes in 2004 provided 70 thousand. Police, military and security services.In the whole of Greece and, of course, around Athens, it was installed a few dozen Patriot missile.Air zone over all Olympic venues were closed to all flights, without exception.The military threatened that they would shoot down any suspicious flying objects.Above the Greek capital city circled round the clock three police helicopters and a blimp, filled with the most advanced technology.These observations from the air, as well as hundreds of video cameras installed on the capital's streets, flocked to the control center.Installed in its electronic system cost more than all the organizers of the cost of the security of the Beijing Olympics - a third of a billion dollars.Indeed special attention was paid to the Greek authorities to the protection of the sea.Besides warships and boats, duty carrying submarines and divers team.

Easy, by the way, took place and the Winter Olympic Games in Turin.The airspace over the city for two weeks has been declared off-limits.Surveillance from the air, in addition to numerous helicopters was carried out and two NATO AWACS.Special units of the police and army were ready to repel attacks with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.Spending on security of the Olympics-2006 reached nearly 200 million. Dollars.The Italian authorities have taken a number of preventive measures.In advance of more than 200 people were arrested, linked to terrorist organizations.Half of them expelled from the country.In Rome, we do not hide the fact that about 2,000 Italian citizens politically unreliable, mainly Muslims, was under surveillance.

However, terrorism is not the only danger of the Beijing Olympics.hygiene problems and bad conditions of storage products are the reason that food poisoning in China occupy one of the first places in the list of emergency.The press has got information that guard the Olympians from substandard products and poisons are white mice.24 hours before cooking, they will try all its ingredients.In the event of any poisoning reaction manifest in rodents at the latest after 17 hours.Most decided to give close attention to the kitchens in the Olympic Village.They will be guarded day and night.To the products did not happen in the course of delivery, all machines will install a GPS system, and drivers and attendants strictly forbidden to leave the cabin without special permission.Each packet vegetables intended for athletes, is provided with an electronic chip containing the address of the farm where they were grown, and the date was collected.