Vision: a war for access to water and the rise of nationalism

According to scientists, the main problems in the world of the future will be a shortage of drinking water and stormy migration in search of a better life.A major conflicts in the coming years will focus on the African continent, in the southern parts of Eurasia, Central America, and the vast Arktiki.Afrika

writes French Le Figaro, in the first place may worsen relations among the countries situated along the banks of the Nile.Such situation is possible as early as 2025, due to a lack of drinking water."Egypt has a serious inventory through Lake Nasser, but the tension in the region creates the danger of escalation up to the open war", - said the publication.

In addition, due to the drought and the constant hunger exacerbated the already turbulent situation on the African continent.Countries may initiate disputes over access to coastal areas and ports.To the south the climate can cause internal migration, mainly from rural to urban areas, writes "Sight".

There is more to be feared no major armed con

flicts, and an extremely strong social and ethnic tensions.According to the most sinister scenario, after the last attempt "green revolution" in 2020 Africa will plunge into anarchy.The elites move into the country, free from military operations.The rest of the territory will become a zone of military conflict unsolvable.


great drought in Africa could lead to war on the entire Mediterranean coast.For Europe, conflicts in Africa threaten to increase migration.As a result, European countries, especially in the south, may be flooded with a wave of nationalism.As an example, in a report presented in 2005 riots in the French suburbs.

"Worst case: Niger moves to the Maghreb, which, in turn, is moving to Europe, and European countries are united under the banner of the project" Fortress Europe "This organization pays Maghreb lot of money, so they restrained migration flows As a result, millions..climate refugees are in camps in the Sahara "- develops the theme of Le Figaro.

South America

Persistent drought threaten the Amazon.Andean countries face a double threat - the lack of drinking water and political instability, which prevents any long-term planning.

At the same time, scientists predicted a gloomy scenario for the Amazon: biodiversity, seem doomed.Brazil will face the agricultural crisis, which may turn into a war for control of arable land, he said, "Look."

Two fronts Asia

But the granary of South Asia, on the other hand, expect problems with excess water.As scientists assume, overpopulated delta of the Ganges threaten to cyclones and rising water levels.As a result, residents will migrate to places with a milder climate.

However, this area serves as the region's breadbasket.India will fight on two fronts: the West will be dry, Pakistan, Eastern - flooded Bangladesh.These two factors will only increase sectarian tensions in the region.

Caribbean: land - air

Climate chaos threatens the Caribbean.There devastating cyclones and provoked their violent migration have added and tornadoes.The fact that none of the countries in the region except the US and Cuba, today, does not have the means to oppose the activation of tropical storms that threaten including the oil industry.

Scientists suggest two versions of events.In the first scenario, the US will be closed just south of the border.Migrants will accumulate in the border cities, where the increasing incidence of violence.

second scenario is worse, a hurricane destroys the sixth category of Houston and its oil industry.As a result, the US will try to curb rising prices, will sell existing stocks, and some states do not fail to take advantage of this weakness, and will block oil pipelines.

China In China, climate change will strongly influence the processes of urbanization.And the country will suffer from both drought and hurricanes, as well as from heavy rainfall.As experts say, in the northern areas will desertification, and the south will suffer from constant flooding and landslides.

As a result, farmers continue to flee the city."The Chinese authorities are torn between the climatic challenges of political and economic liberalization" - the expert concludes.According to the most disastrous scenario, by 2025 the coast will be devastated by typhoons and floods.

masses of refugees will focus on the south, and the Chinese army, following the same pattern as that of the United States, will prevent the excessive influx of resorting to bloodshed, writes "Sight".