Negotiations Hollywood writers and producers have failed

Talks between striking Hollywood writers and producers, took place in Los Angeles, ended inconclusively.According to the BBC, in the last round, which lasted four days, the parties did not manage to overcome their differences, because of which Hollywood has been almost a month paralizovan.10,5 thousands of Hollywood writers seek to increase compensation for scripts for film and television.The stumbling block in the negotiations is the question of royalties for selling DVD, and video, distributed on the Internet and other new media formats.

Today the signs of progress in resolving the issue of the remuneration of the writers are not observed, the responsibility for this lay a hand on each other.

Union cinema and television producers (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers), representing the interests of movie studios and television companies, said that the union has a policy of tightening or failure of the negotiation process, pushing the "unreasonable demands".

In turn, the American Writ

ers Guild (Writers Guild of America) blames the reluctance of producers to make new proposals to the union, which could break the deadlock.

Producers Union argues that the writers had made specific proposals concerning royalties for video products, distributed through sovremnennye media formats, but the union did not respond to them.

Writers also complain that their employers are negotiating in "ultimatum" demanding to give up part of the demands and threatening otherwise break off negotiations.

is not yet clear when the negotiations resume.Both sides seem to understand that the other way to resolve the situation, there is, and therefore we can expect that the date of the next round will be announced in the near future.

The strike, which began Nov. 5, has led to the closure of dozens of TV shows, movies indefinitely postponed the shooting.

Last time Hollywood writers went on strike in 1988.Then 22 weeks of inactivity have cost the American film industry in the US $ 500 million.