Libyan rebels " found " the missing Gaddafi in the vast desert and turned into shameful flight of his troops

More deepens the mystery surrounding the fate of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who has not appeared in public since April 30, personally.Then, as a result of NATO bombing at the governor's residence in Tripoli, the center had been killed, his son Saif al-Arab and three grandchildren.There were versions that it was seriously injured or even killed was because at the time of the raid was the son of the house, destroyed one of the missiles.

However, supported by official authorities of the country version that Gaddafi is alive and well, too, has many supporters.It is interesting that to him, apparently, concern and rebels in Benghazi - a city in the east of the country where the headquarters of the Transitional National Council - a temporary organ of the opposition government.

writes Italian La Repubblica, which refers, on Wednesday morning, the rebels posted on his Facebook page a message that Gaddafi is hiding in the vast Libyan desert, his tent is supposedly in the area of ​​Al-Shura

if.Check this information is very difficult, the article says.

publication also cites the opinion of the Archbishop of Tripoli, Monsignor Martinelli - he believes Gaddafi is alive, because in Libya there is no sign of mourning.Some even do not exclude that the Colonel left the country.In any case, NATO recognizes that it has lost track of him and does not know anything about his condition or his whereabouts.

command of the alliance while noting that it was not interested in the fate of Gaddafi, while assuring that the circle of NATO air problems in Libya is not part of his physical elimination.Nevertheless bombing tightened considerably in recent years.NATO explained that the second phase of the operation, and now the main targets are the command centers of the Libyan regime.

New NATO raid on Tripoli: there are victims, injured

DPRK embassy on Thursday NATO planes again attacked the residence of Gaddafi in Tripoli, firing on its territory for at least four missiles, reports CNN.Journalists authorities showed the bodies of two men, stating that they were killed in the raid.Another 27 injured, according to the authorities, are in hospital.Most of them were poisoned by the smoke of the fire, which broke out after the explosion.

In addition, Libyan television reported that as a result of the shelling damaged the embassy of North Korea, according to ITAR-TASS.

A couple of days before that, on the night of May 10, Tripoli has undergone the most powerful bombardment since the start of the international military operation in Libya on 19 March.According to The Daily Mail, at the residence of Gaddafi was dropped no less than eight rounds.

rebels captured Misrata airport: Gaddafi forces fled, leaving

tanks Against this background, the Libyan rebels continue successful counterattack.Major battles revolve around third-largest city in the country - 200 kilolmetrah Misrata east of the capital.The rebels said they had managed to repulse the forces of Gaddafi local airport.They claim that as a result of the government army left its territory, leaving behind a few tanks.

According to the BBC, the capture of the airport about a dozen insurgents were wounded.Gaddafi's opponents say they could burn a few tanks and rockets to capture 40 "Grad".

government forces for two months unsuccessfully trying to take Misrata - the only city in the west of the country, which remains under rebel control.Because of the siege of the delivery of all the necessary evacuation of residents and refugees are only possible through the seaport.It is of strategic importance, and Gaddafi's forces have repeatedly shelled it from "Grad" and tried to mine.

battle continues in the so-called "Berber triangle" in the west of Libya and in the mountains of Jabal al-Gharbi.

Meanwhile, in the eastern city of Benghazi will open representative office of the European Union.As said its High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton, it is necessary to support the opposition Transitional National Council.

The US Congress, meanwhile, is preparing a bill that opens the Libyan opposition access to frozen the US assets of Muammar Gaddafi