Two bloody incident occurred in Colorado

Two shooting incident, in which four people died and six were injured, occurred at intervals of several hours in the US state Kolorado.Dva shooting incident, in which four people died and six were injured, occurred at intervals of several hoursin the US state of Colorado.

in a suburb of Denver unknown opened fire at a school for Christian missionaries, reports the Associated Press.Two people were killed and two were injured.

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According to police, about 45 people were evacuated from the building.The offender, described by witnesses, 20-year-old man, fled the scene.

And in the city of Colorado Springs, a gunman opened fire at the car park in front of the church New Life, one person was killed and four injured, the agency said.

The shooter was killed at the scene by a guard of the church.His identity has not been established.

is still unknown whether these tragedies linked.

Thus, for the past week, a total of 13 people were killed in US

shooting.Last Wednesday, the young man opened fire from a firearm in one of the shopping centers of the city of Omaha, eight people were killed and five were wounded.After that, the offender shot himself.

US History knows many cases when armed men opened fire on any innocent and unsuspecting people in American cities.

In mid-April 2007, the American and world public opinion stirred up the tragedy at Virginia Tech University, where 23-year-old student Seung-Hui Cho shot 32 people and then committed suicide.

One of the last time such tragic incidents occurred in March 2005, when the American students staged a massacre in the town of Red Lake in northern Minnesota near the Canadian border.He shot and killed nine people and wounded 15, and then committed suicide.

to a sad record for the number of those killed in the tragedy belongs to the school in Columbine (Colorado), where in April 1999 at the hands of two teenagers killed 12 peers and teacher.Assassins also killed themselves.

Prior to the tragic events of April 2007 the bloodiest incident on the campus was considered an incident that occurred in Texas in 1966, when a certain Charles Whitman (Charles Whitman) climbed to the observation deck on the 28th floor of city clock tower and opened out the fire onpeople who were in the territory of the State University.The offender managed to shoot 16 people, while he himself did not destroy the police.

quarter of a century later, in 1991, in the same state he played out another bloody drama, the tragic result of which was an absolute record for the number of dead.A certain George Hennard (George Hennard) entered the cafe on a pickup truck, hit the shop window, and shot people who were there - killed 23 people.Then, the offender shot himself.

Root experts see the problem is that the United States is freely available firearms, which are allowed to wear almost any citizen of the country.